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G2 Ain’t Gatorade But It Will Quench Your Thirst for Excitement

G2 Gatorade is a drink that came out around the Superbowl last year. It tastes OK. It’s a lighter version of the original Gatorade. Interestingly enough, their logo looks awfully familiar…. NOW I’m thirsty. Enter G2 Ergonomics… the original thirst quencher- never watered down. For over five years they have been innovating motorcycle and ATV […]

G2 Delrin Tube for all G2 Ergonomics Tubes and Throttle Cam Systems: NEW

G2 Ergonomics now offers Delrin inserts on all of their throttle tubes and throttle cam systems. Delrin is a lightweight, low-friction, and wear-resistant thermoplastic with good physical and processing properties and capable of operating in temperatures in excess of 90 degrees celsius (approximately 200 degrees fahrenheit).The G2 “Delrin models” have Delrin bushings inserted in both […]

G2 Harley Quick-Turn Throttles

Harley Davidson Quick-Turn Throttles and Grips by G2 ErgonomicsG2 Ergonomics has a new product that is surely to turn heads and put smiles on a lot of Harley Davidson riders faces. The new Harley Quick-Turn throttle tubes and grips from G2 is something that a lot of riders just don’t know about. What it does…If […]

Mike Lafferty signs with G2!

After extensive testing last fall, 8 time national enduro champion Mike Lafferty (at right next to 8 time national enduro champion and G2 rider Dick Burleson) has been using the G2 Ergonomics throttle cam system. Mike has been riding a 450 and prefers the 300 cam for most situations (same as Langston), but does switch […]

G2 Throttle Cam System

G2 Ergonomics’ innovative Throttle Cam System allows you to take control… Billet Tube with removable end cap, the billet tube will withstand the rough abuse of motocross and off road. CAM100 – Best choice for tracks with perfect traction – from wet sand to loam. When traction is optimal, try CAM100. CAM200 – Perfect for […]