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G2 Cams

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Optional interchangeable cams for your G2 Throttle.

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Product Description

How the G2 cam numbers work:

As a general rule, the lower the number, (the quicker your throttle opens to full power) and the higher the cam number, (the more control you’ll feel).    Stock cam is 100.  Our G2 cams are interchangeable with your existing G2 Throttle.

  • 025 CAM – Approximately 20% larger than stock*
  • 050 CAM – Approximately 10% larger than stock
  • 100 CAM – Approximately same size as stock.
  • 200 CAM – Approximately 10% smaller for first 1/2 of throttle rotation, then ramps to stock size.
  • 300 CAM – Approximately 15% smaller for first 1/2 of throttle rotation, then ramps to stock size.
  • 400 CAM – Approximately 20% smaller for first 1/2 of throttle rotation, then ramps to stock size.

* All 025 cams will require slight modification to inside of throttle housing. Modification is a simple removal of inner tabs by Dremmel performed by a trained motorcycle technician. Instructions provided with cams.

Additional Information

Weight 0.1875 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm

8 reviews for G2 Cams

  1. Chris
    5 out of 5


    Great product!!!! Makes easy to adjust bike for difference tracks and conditions; from MX to XC and Enduro

  2. Blake
    5 out of 5


    Product arrived in a timely fashion. The quality, workmanship, and design of the cams are fabulous. The only problem with them is you will want to buy more sizes to test them out.

  3. Hector G
    5 out of 5


    Easy and quick to change. Really nice quality.

  4. John
    5 out of 5


    I tried flywheel weights, pipes, was even considering an auto clutch to try to even out the power on my YZ250. These work. The #400 was nice but I like the #500. It puts a real sweet spot in the mid range, works great on technical hill climbs. No flywheel weight, using a Gnarly pipe.

  5. Andy
    4 out of 5


    I bought the K300 cam for the KTM 990. I felt that the K400 had a bit too much of an abrupt transition from its low-throttle ramp to mid/high throttle ramp. The K300 seems just right and has made the bike a lot less jerky. Now the engine doesn’t lurch every time I go over a bump. Throttling on in corners is much smoother and not so unpredictable any more. The only reason I don’t give 5 stars is that I wish the kit G2 sells with the various cams came with the K300 to begin with. It came with every cam but so it was an expensive trial-and-error.

  6. Bob
    5 out of 5


    This is my second time using this product and it is easy to install, well made, and cured the lurching that was present in both my KTM 990 and KTM 690. I used the #200 in the 990 with a set of C/F slip ons, and it made a world of difference, especially off road. The 690 had come with the system installed, but had a #400. I switched it out easily, and put another #200 in and it works great for me…5 stars all around !!!!

  7. Jason
    5 out of 5


    I have multiple G2 products. First, this is a must for any fuel injected twin. We all tend to be less talented than we think and this product will make up for a huge gap in throttle manipulation. I have been riding and racing twins for years and this product on my Monster 1100 was quite humbling. I was able to learn much more in a turn and through turbulence laid over with the throttle tamer cam system. I am slowly progressing back through the cams to stock ratio as I continue to develop and build better throttle control. This product is awesome.

    Second, I also have this system on my KTM 300 XC-W. I am new to dirt and more of a YouTube video waiting to happen. Once again, G2 helped me save my own life when things got and get squirrley in the woods. I am not a MX racer and do not ever leave the ground intentionally while on my dirt bike. I can definately see, even with a dual ignition pattern switch, how this product pays huge dividends on the MX/SX track.

  8. chris
    5 out of 5


    Really smoothed out power delivery, very glad I went with G2!

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