The G2 Story

G2 Ergonomics

G2 Ergonomics Corporation is dedicated to innovative solutions helping rider and machine better work as one. 

14 years ago, riding buddies Sam Wancket and Gary Gibbs were talking about the challenge of putting power to the ground. Both expert riders, they fully understood that cutting lap times is directly related to the amount of speed a rider can carry through the corners. The art of applying just enough throttle to carry maximum corner speed without losing traction is the single greatest asset a rider can possess.

While discussing throttle control, Sam said it would be great to have a throttle tube with interchangeable cams of different sizes. This would allow a rider to change the ratio to better control power in the turns. Gary thought it was a great idea, and suggested that the cams be “ramped”, or non-circular to provide better control for the first ½ of throttle, then ramp up to keep overall turn same as stock.

A few days later, Sam developed a prototype for his RM250. After a short test ride, he called Gary to excitably say, “Gibbs, we’ve definitely got something here!” G2 Ergonomics and its flagship product, the Throttle Cam System, were born.

Throttle Cam System

In a very short time, G2 Ergonomics has aggressively expanded its products. The line now includes several throttles for motocross and enduro, handguards, carb spacers, perch spacers, street bike throttles and even quick turn throttles for Harleys! Still, G2 has never lost site of its goal to ONLY offer products that bridge the gap between rider skill and machine performance. G2 has no interest in selling “me too” products with our logo slapped on. You can rest assured that EVERY G2 product has multiple features that set it, and you, far above the competition.