Dirt Rider Magazine Reviews the G2 Throttle


I’ve never been shy about saying that fuel-injected KTM 500 EXCs are very abrupt right off idle. Yes, fuel injection is awesome, but with 500cc of highly tuned engine under foot, negotiating a rough trail while standing can cause the bars to jerk and the right hand to inadvertently twist the throttle a hair more than desired, causing the 500 to jump forward with a burst of unwanted and unplanned-for power. The G2 Throttle Tamer incorporates a nonlinear ratio between hand throttle rotation and throttle body opening (or carburetor slide opening if that is what you are using), meaning the cam on the Tamer requires a slightly farther rotation initially to achieve the same throttle body opening position, as compared to a stock throttle tube. Once you reach around half rotation of the Tamer it ramps up to achieve full throttle opening at approximately the same amount of twist as a stock throttle tube…

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