G2 Dirt Bike Handguards

G2 Ergonomics has two solutions for dirt bike handguards to meet the needs of moto, enduro or casual trail riders.  For moto, desert or cross country racers, the Primus handguard offers superior debris deflection while maintaining the freedom of movement that only an open-ended guard can provide.  The Primus has a burley aluminum mount far stronger than other brands!

For enduro and hard core trail riding, the G2 Competition Handguard System is a full wrap around “bark buster” style guard.  This guard works with the Primus Plastic shield for best overall deflection.  For the ultimate system, check out our threaded nylon mounts and Mongo inner mount.  The bext feature of the G2 Competition Handguard is the bend designed by tight woods racers.  The guard angles straight ahead from the handlebar end to add the least possible width – it adds less overall width than ANY OTHER BRAND!  Some brands add over 3 inches of width!

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