Iris Trials Chain

Iris Trials Chain (RXL) is used by more FIM World Trials Professionals than ANY other chain.  For trials a lighter chain is advisable to reduce unsprung weight and spinning mass as much as possible for a light, nimble performing bike!  Yet, the Iris Trials Chain is precision stamped from the finest quality steel for strength and resistance to stretching.

Iris Racing Chain of Spain is one of Europe’s most respected chain companies.  Many European motorcycles have come standard with Iris chains since 1935!  Every product that comes out of our company responds to the highest quality demands.  Our development model is intended for the long term and is defined as an uninterrupted dynamic of external growth operations with a development of its wide range of products.  The company continues to manufacture in Eibar, Guipuzcoa, Spain, from where its chains are distributed to manufacturers of original equipment and end users around the world.

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