Trials Grips by Domino

Domino S.p.A. is the worldwide leader in the design and production of motorcycle trials grips, as well as all types of motorcycle grips. A quick glance at almost any European trials motorcycle will likely show at least one or more of our products including grips, brake and clutch levers, lever assemblies, throttle controls, electric switches and handlebars. Domino products, being the result of the most advanced field research, provide the best combination of comfort and durability in the motorcycle industry.  Our family-owned business takes tremendous pride in offering the finest products possible.

Domino completely dominates the world of trials!  Not only is Domino standard equipment on most trials motorcycle brands, but it has been used by more FIM World Trials Champions than any other gripbrand.  Domino demands the best from its line of trials grips, throttles, levers and controllers.  In the case of grips, you will agree that there are no finer products available!

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