Product Description

The G2 Pro Bolt & Hardware Kit for Kawasaki is the ultimate kit for riders of KX125, KX250, KX250F, KX450 and KLX450 riders!

Product Highlights

  • Kit includes over 200 hardware pieces including factory style hex flange bolts with captured washers, hex head flange bolts, shroud bolts, seat bolts, sub-frame bolts, fork guard bolts, rotor bolts, sprocket bolts, factory hardware, rim lock spacers, valve stem parts, chain guide parts, Fuji lock nuts, misc washers and an axle nut!
  • Hardware assembled to replace many parts on Kawasaki KX, KX and KLX models from 2003 to current, but fits many older models as well.
  • Durable plastic case with locking tabs.
  • All steel parts zinc plated for durabillity.
Weight .2 lbs

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