Product Description

The Domino Parco Grip is an adventure or sport bike grip with a more aggressive grip pattern. The wide, diagonal ribs provide great vibration protection and a secure grip in all conditions. This grip is OEM on many of the big KTM’s, and have been very popular with adventure riders ranging from 50% dirt/50% street to 20% dirt/80% street. Also, the Parco is an excellent choice for the sport bike canyon rider who is not afraid of rain. Over 50 years of development have led to the DOMINO proprietary rubber compound. The compound is medium with durability unmatched by grips of similar firmness. The Parco grips are 120mm and fit perfectly to all G2 Ergonomics dirt bike throttles, most of our G2 street throttle tubes, and all other known stock or aftermarket throttle tubes (solid ends) .

Weight .2 lbs


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