Lighter Pull with the Throttle Conversion / Upgrade Kit for Sherco

The One Cable Throttle Conversion Kit for Sherco dramatically lightens the throttle pull compared to the stock throttle set-up. The stock cable creates friction as it contacts the inside of the housing resulting in a “stiff” pull and hand fatigue on long rides. By replacing with the G2 Conversion Kit for Sherco, friction is reduced in two ways. First, a pulley is incorporated to eliminate friction – no cables sliding against the inner throttle housing! Second, the ultra-smooth G2 Throttle Tube with self-lubricating Delrin bushings in each end prevents the aluminum tube from galling against the handlebar. These bushings require no lubrication and won’t rust and freeze up like ball bearing systems! The result is a far lighter pull and less hand fatigue!

Relocate the MAP switch and START button

Tired of accidentally bumping the stock MAP switch while you ride? So was Nick Fahringer and National Enduro Champ Grant Baylor! Our throttle conversion kit allows you to relocate the MAP switch and START button to a more convenient location. Plug-&-play MAP switch and START button with Sherco-style connectors also available from G2 Ergonomics,

More control? Quicker turn? Prefer stock? All options available!

Keep in mind, this Throttle Conversion Kit for Sherco has a throttle tube with the unique G2 interlock. This means you can choose from several G2 cam sizes (sold separately) if you decide a change is needed for mud, technical terrain, etc. You can choose from stock, quick or control cams with your kit! To order additional cams for this system, give us a call at 815-778-0468.


Product Highlights

    • Throttle tube & cam machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA.
    • Housing manufactured by Domino of Italy.
    • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
    • Included cam is removable and can be replaced with alternate cams (sold separately) to fine tune control.
    • Conversion cable included.
    • Slide one of our Domino Grips (sold separately) or your grip unto the Quick Turn Throttle System’s tube.
    • Removable end cap eliminates the need to cut the end of the throttle tube when using dirt bike handguards
    • Installs in minutes!
Weight .2 lbs
Choose Cam

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  1. Dan Porter

    Much smoother pull than the stock throttle housing

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  2. Andrew M.

    Awesome product! Much better then the OEM. Much better throttle control for low speed technical riding when using the throttle tammer cam.

    (0) (0)
  3. Andrew Weaver (Verified Purchase)


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  4. Laura Armstrong (Verified Purchase)

    Always happy with g2 throttles

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  5. johnny friedli (Verified Purchase)

    usTennessee, United States

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  6. johnny friedli (Verified Purchase)

    usTennessee, United States

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