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G2 Trials Throttle Tube – Fast Rate for Beta

The most advanced throttle tube for Trials competition!

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Product Description

The G2 Fast Rate Trials Throttle tube for Beta creates a quick turn throttle for increased throttle response and decreased throttle rotation (less turn).

The throttle tube consists of the ultra-smooth G2 tube with Delrin inserts. The cam (or “pulley”) end is the same rate as the Domino WHITE (Fast) plastic throttle tube.

Increasing the size of the throttle cam/pulley can improve your riding in several ways. First, your bike’s power characteristics will seem far more responsive – as you turn the throttle, your bike will rev faster than before. Secondly, less overall rotation is required to reach full throttle. This is a huge benefit to riders with limited wrist mobility. In addition, less rotation allows you to more easily maintain a proper riding position with less elbow drop as you crank the throttle.

Product Highlights

  • Machined, polished and anodized 6061 aluminum!
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Slide one of our Domino Grips (sold separately) or your grip unto the G2 Throttle Tube.
  • Durable aluminum far outlasts plastic tubes.
  • Removable end cap eliminates the need to cut the end of the throttle tube when using dirt bike bar ends or handguards
  • For the smoothest throttle action possible, try adding our Jimmy Twister Throttle Bearing!
  • Installs in minutes!
Weight .2 lbs

153 reviews for G2 Trials Throttle Tube – Fast Rate for Beta

  1. Chuck Kornutiak

    I like the ability to adjust as needed with different cams.

  2. John Barrett

    Definitely smoother initial throttle opening. Happy with quality.

  3. Dan D.

    G2 trials throttle tube is exactly what I needed!

  4. Matt Z.

    Much smoother and should last longer!

  5. Greg Blessing

    For high altitude riding its a god send.

  6. Thomas Grimmel

    Great quality

  7. Chris Rees

    Barely noticeable difference on a 2 stroke. If your looking to tame your bike try a stronger power valve spring or a combination of both.

  8. Ryan Brown


  9. Joey K.

    Love it

  10. Jason L.

    The tamer did exactly what I needed it to do. The 500 was a little too twitchy for me and this made my bike more enjoyable to ride overall.

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