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The MONGO “Fork Mount” Handguard Mount

  • Most adjustable handguard fork mount available
  • Used by AmPro Factory Yamaha GNCC Team for over ten years!

Product Description


The Mongo Handguard Mount smokes the competition in strength. By attaching the mount to the two fork pinch bolts on the top triple clamp, you now have a fixed inner position that prevents the handguard from rotating up or down in crash situations. The mount is machined from 6061 aluminum of two pieces (each side) held together by precision machined shoulder bolts. Simply awesome!


Another huge benefit of the Mongo Handguard Clamp is adjustability. Each side consists of two pieces. These pieces can be assembled in 12 possible combinations to properly mount your handguards to almost any bend/length/rise/sweep of handlebar. In addition, the top piece of the clamp swivels to match any handguard angle, and the slotted bottom section allows approx. 1/2” of up or down positioning! The Mongo fits up to most enduro style handguards, but it works best with the G2 “Full Wrap” Handguard System.


The third major benefit of the Mongo Handguard Mount is the “clevis” style attachment feature. The handguard is not simply bolted to the Mongo in a fixed position. Rather, it is cradled securely in the Mongo clevis with a precision machined shoulder bolt. This allows the handlebar to flex as it was designed, which transmits less shock and vibration to your hands!


Consider our complete G2 Fork Mount “Full Wrap” Handguard system for more options and styles to match your bike. For the most secure mounting solution, check out our Threaded Handguard Mounts to mount your guards just as securely at the handlebar ends – these mounts are far better than wedge style mounts – and they will not vibrate loose!

Four bolts of 55mm length included. If your stock bolts are longer than 40mm, you will need bolts approximately 15mm longer to compensate with thickness of Mongo mount.

Product Highlights

  • Strongest, best fitting handguard on the market – guaranteed
  • Clevise mount on Mongo allows handlebars to flex
  • Two-piece, reversable (left-right) Mongo mount adjusts to virtually ANY dirt bike handguard
  • Machined, polished and anodized 6061 aluminum for a high-end finish
  • Fits most Japanese models with upper triple clamps having pinch bolts BOTH in front of fork, and to the side
  • Sold in pairs

157 reviews for The MONGO “Fork Mount” Handguard Mount

  1. Jon Angus

    Great product, adds a ton of protection to your hands and handlebar controls. Ended up not being able to run the mongo clamps due to a fitment issue, but G2 got out the replacement bar mounts quick to solve the problem.

  2. Noah Adams

    Easily the best hand guards out there!

  3. Anonymous

    Doesn’t really fit well at all. Had to spend an additional $30 on spacers to get it close. Needs significant modification to make it fit around master cylinder on one side, clutch on the other. What ultimately works for one side doesn’t work for the other. Used in combination with the G2 fork mounts. So it cost more to still not fit well.

  4. Chris

    Excellent product. Easy to install. I like the small profile.


    Great product!

  6. kelly

    like how you can see how it will look

  7. Jeremy

    The adjustability of these hand guards is so good there’s no way they won’t fit your bike.

  8. Matt Currie

    Easy to use

  9. Mark G.

    Thumbs up!

  10. Verle Thompson

    5 Stars except for the fact that the bolts for connecting to the triple tree were only about 1/8″ longer that the factory bolts. They needed to be about 1/2″-3/4″ longer to account for the thickness of the bracket and still have the same length of threads engaged. I had to run to the hardware store and get proper length bolts. Make sure yours are longer or you won’t have enough threads engaged to hold up if you crash. Otherwise great product.

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