G2 Competition Handguard System

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Strongest handguards on the market. Fits all aluminum handlebars. Shields Sold Separately. 



“Bark Buster” type handguard by G2 Ergonomics

  • Machined from 6061 aluminum!
  • All pieces are polished and anodized for a high-end finish.
  • Comes in 7/8”, 1 1/8″ Tapered or 1 1/8″ Straight (Twinwall) handlebar applications.
  • U-shaped inner clamps work around all controls, cables & lines.
  • Mounts perfectly with G2 Primus Plastic Handshields (sold separately).
  • Consider G2 Nylon Handguard Mounts (sold separately) for the most secure mounting system available.
  • Best fitting handguard on the market – guaranteed!
  • Installs in minutes with one size allen wrench!
  • Shields Sold Separately. 

The G2 Competition Handguard System offers the best fit of ANY “bark buster” style handguard ever made, and we guarantee it!  The guard, or blade, section bends at an angle to add the least possible width.  Check out the competition – some of the best known dirt bike handguard brands add up to 3 inches to the overall handlebar width!  G2 was the first to introduce the “U-shaped” inner clamp.  This is a necessity for many brands to allow room for cables & hydraulic lines.  By turning the clamp up or down, you run your cables exactly where you wish.


Versatility is another option of the G2 Competition Handguard System.  While some riders mount dirt bike handguards permanently, many like to remove them for moto.  Once the handguards are removed, ugly grips with cut off ends are revealed!  No problem!!  Just install the included Grip Protectors for a sano transition from woods to moto in minutes!


Upgrade your G2 Competition Handguard System with Primus Handshields and Threaded Nylon Handguard Mounts for the same great protection demanded by Steward Baylor!  Another cool product is our G2 Mongo Mount, which allows the enduro handguard blades to mount to the upper triple clamp.  This is by far the most secure mounting system allowing the handlebar to flex.

G2 Key Points:

Additional information

Weight 2.14 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 1 cm

46 reviews for G2 Competition Handguard System

  1. Matthew

    These new handguards are awesome Sam! Built perfect and very easy to put on. Took a rider like me 5 minutes to do and when I say rider, I mean “not mechanic”. These things are great. I wouldn’t want to use another handguard out there after using these bad boys. Thanks again!

  2. Haulin Husky

    I bought a pair of these to do single track woods and so far they have taken some hard abuse, they hold up well and are very strong, only complaint is when you hit a tree the paint comes off a bit.

  3. gasgasman

    I recently purchased a set of G2 hand guards for my 2011 GasGas 250. The guards are well made and you can feel the quality of them. Much thicker than my previous guards.

    I had to do some major bending to fit my Flexx bars. No really a concern. I quit using the guards with the bend on the outer side of the guards. I found that the force of an impact would rotate the guards. With the G2, the force is transmitted in a horizontal path to the mounting bolt.

  4. Dave Mac

    I just purchased these guards, and must say the quality is outstanding along with the customer service, I order less then a week before Christmas and got them before Christmas. I was happily surprised, I had to talk to them about a few things i goofed up on they were extremely helpful and went beyond the call of duty. Wish they sold more products because you don’t find quality products with customer service like this much anymore!

  5. Zman

    I wanted to thank you again for the blades. I was blown away by the kindness and the fact you actually cared about a single customers needs. Most business don’t operate like that anymore As a self employed person, I try to always do the same with my customers. I received the blades and they were exactly what I needed. If I need anything for my bike in the future, I will look to your product first! I will definately spread the word to my friends and family that you stand behind your product and service.

  6. Charkes

    Hello, I recently purchased a pair of your G2 Competition Handguards for my KLR650. I believe they are far superior to the competition. They look thicker and more simple which is the look I go for, i.e. KLR650.

  7. Mike

    I ordered a set of these guards and have found them to be fantastic. They are heavy duty but they also bend in slightly after they leave the hand grip headed toward the mount toward the bar centers. This could be the difference between just clipping a tree and hitting it hard! I’ve other barkbusters from the “big 3” but these were the easiest to install and i believe the nylon inserts hold them a little tighter than the slip fittings of the others.

    Also, their customer service is second to none. They actually called me to tell me that they were out of stock on the color I ordered and asked if I’d like to wait or choose another color. I recommend the guards and the company. You won’t be disappointed.

  8. Dave

    excellent product, high quality. Easy install on bars. Look fantastic on my DRZ! Very pleased.

  9. Rob M.

    Fit perfect on my son’s 2014 KTM 85 SX. Very well made, easy to install. I love the lower profile handguards. Pair these with the bar end inserts to make the protection second to none.

  10. Wyatt Barnett

    I love my bark busters from G2! Have held up from some very brutal hits!

  11. Darren

    2 races on my G2 Competition Handguards with the new generation hand shields. I have had several tip-overs and one good crash with them and they are working great!

  12. Stefan

    Let’s be honest, I hit a lot of things. Trees, bushes, palmettos, animals, small children, cars, trail markers, aliens, other riders…Yeah, the list goes. on. I took a shot with G2’s handguards because I REALLY loved the support I got from them back when I raced supermoto.

    I started with a set of their orange guards on my 200 and promptly put them into a small tree about 100 feet from the parking lot. No lie. Great start to my morning. I’m sure you can all sympathize or laugh, probably just laugh. Anyway the right guard took the brunt of the impact and my hand was spared drama which spared me a trip to the ER. Amazingly, not one speck of paint was knocked off. They looked like nothing had happened!

    So when I thought about purchasing a 14 Husky 300, it wasn’t even a question, it needed G2 guards. A set of blue guards arrived before I’d even found the bike and have protected my hands in both testing and race conditions.

    One thing that bears mentioning here, most people don’t buy handguards for looks, but I get LOTS of compliments about their looks. Actually they are usually the first things people notice about my bikes, probably because they are the only undamaged pieces but I guess it’s because they look awesome too!

    You woods guys may also be interested in knowing that they come straight to the bar from the bend. Meaning they don’t bow out and add an additional half inch to an inch in bar width. If you smack a tree with them, it’s not because they were too wide, you just misjudged.

    You also can’t beat their customer service. Companies like G2, GPR, and others are really showing the big boys how customer service should be done these days. If I had a race coming up, Gary and the guys made sure I got my parts on time. You can’t ask for more!

  13. Mike

    As a pretty much newbie rider, I needed hanguards in a bad way for my Gas Gas EC300. These things are tough; between hammering them off trees and dropping my bike, they have been rock solid. Good gear.

  14. Marvin

    Guards were easy to install but took a little tweaking. The guards are substantial.

  15. ndorsey

    Have had these handgaurds for 4 years and have not one broken lever since then! Never ride without them! Perfect for moto or trails! SUPER durable and have withstood a ton of tip overs, tree or rock collisions, and have saved my hands many times! Cosmetically they look badass and performance is ever better! Thanks G2 for a great product!

  16. Ben

    Tough, stylish and easy to install. I called G2 before a riding trip to Wisconsin and they were more than helpful. I ordered the bark busters and hand shields. They mounted up to the bars perfect and it was a matter of tightening the bolts and I was ready to get after it. My bike and I took a tumble down a hill climb made out of boulders and the G2 product was not fazed.

  17. Jacob Whiteker

    This product is a Great purchase compared to competitors and you can’t beat the price. Is very easy to install, and the offset mounts are included in the kit. Solid product when installed. I’d give this Product 6 out of 5 stars for going above and beyond the competitors.

  18. Forrest Templin

    Great product, quality, fit and finish, and use is the best. Went down the other day and my pro tapers bent but the hand guards looked perfect and didn’t even move.

  19. Arturo Iturbide G.

    I researched a bit before ordering. They appeared to be the best choice, pondering: features, quality, and price. I ordered them. The package was lost and found ( by mail office – USPS) and finally arrived 1 week after the posted date by USPS. Sam of G2 was very efficient and service was great. It was not G2´s fault, simply the mail service was overloaded in December. But due to that situation, I learned that customer satisfaction as a No. 1 on their company´s priorities. One of the founders replied to my email, in hours. And that for an order of about $70 . WOW. I learned a lesson.
    I installed them and have used them 5 times since that.
    They are neat, with a very nice finish. I felt down, to my side, on a trail. I tough they were bruised, but they look as they did the first day. I am satisafied with the purchase. They not only look neat and great, they protect my hands well.

  20. Randy

    Great product, easy to install, substantial quality and superior to the competition.

  21. Chad

    I’ve run many different brands of bark busters and these are by far the strongest of them all. I’m confident that as I am blowing through the woods that my G2’s aren’t going to fail and leave me with busted up hands. They look awesome to

  22. Kendall

    Easy to put on and a great all around protection for your hands, very durable!

  23. John Kosmatka

    By far the best hand guards I have used. These paired with the mongo mounts and threaded bar ends make other setups look like garbage. The quality products paired with awesome customer service and a local business that supports the sport makes these a must have for all my bikes.

  24. Michael

    We have run many brands of hand guards over the years until hearing about G2 Ergonomics from good friend Matt Stavish. For close to half the price of many of the competitors, G2 is twice the quality. I have to admit, I was so impressed with the machining of this product and the overall attention to detail. Definitely the sharpest looking hand guard on the market. Not only do they look incredible, they are rock solid, especially when used with the threaded bar end inserts. Another nice feature is that they actually fit. Our go-to hand guards for all of our race bikes now.

  25. Jonny

    Great product! I’d pay a lot more for these. I nailed a tree and they didn’t budge. I’m recommending these to everyone I know. Thanks!!

  26. lildwil14

    Great product. Will use these on all bikes that I have and I recommend these to all my riding buddies. I use these guards with the threaded inserts & primus guards. Always work like a charm ! Great customer service also, Thank You G2 !!

  27. Nick Steggall

    These hand guards are awesome. Simple, strong, and nice looking. Bulletproof.

  28. Connor Kennedy

    I’ve used many types of guards in the past but these are by far the best fitting and strongest and to make it even better they look awesome too. Overall great product.

  29. Christopher

    I have et to fully mount onto my 2013 wr450f because I am now at school (these were a Christmas present). The quality of build looks really good on these handguards. I ordered the black ones and they look great with the black handlebar on my bike. Another huge plus is the variable mounting system, looks to make install easy(er). My only complaint is that these guards are not pre-tapped fopr shields, this meant I had to drill a pilot hole and tap it myself. They sent some self-tapping screws and a bit but I don’t think it would be wise to use the self-tapping screw if you anticipated frequently removing the plastic shields. I tapped the hole and used some screws from my father’s workplace and it was a breeze, however I believe they should ship like that, just my opinion. In any case, these look to be some bad beefy guards (FOR WAAAAY CHEAP!) and I can’t wait to get out with them on the bike and mow down some brush haha.

  30. Brian roland

    Awesome product!!! Love them

  31. Garrett Droppleman

    Recently installed these on my Ktm 105 and they have been great. Easy to install and have held up well so far. Thanks for a great product.

  32. Greg

    The best fitting Hand Gaurd I have ever mounted. Will definitely buy a set for all my bikes.

  33. Roman Kilgore

    As a buyer just look at these reviews… all top notch! These hand guards are the best we have had and the anodize coating is super trick and strong. Do not forget to pick up a set of threaded bar end mounts from G2. We are running the titanium hand guards at present and just this past weekend two racers were asking who made them as they are really different in appearance. We love them and have never had an issue with fitment and clearance of cables.

    Industry 13 Racing

  34. Jake

    These handguard fit beautifully on my DRZ400. They look sharp, are tough as nails, and are an all around great buy. I definitely recommend them.

  35. M Stone

    Absolutely the best hand guards out there! G2 are amazing!

  36. James

    Nice sturdy handgaurd.

  37. James

    Great, sturdy handgaurd that can take a hit

  38. Travis

    I’ve used these handguards for years great fit great quality

  39. Doug

    great product, very strong, great machine work

  40. David

    I just got these. Look great. Easy to put on. My only complaint is the peace that goes in side the handle bars striped out on me. No both sides.I didn’t think I was wrenching on them that hard. When I took them off to see what I did. I noticed that with the washer the screw is was only biting a couple threads. Striped very easy. Took out the washer seem to be holding good now.

  41. William

    The build quality of these parts is top notch and you would be hard pressed to find a better part for the same money.
    However I could not make them fit on my 2012 NC700X.
    There was just not enough adjustment in the inner clamp so it would go around the bars and still mount to the hand guard.
    I took a chance ordering them knowing that they might not fit.
    they gladly refunded my money and I will be buying a throttle tamer from them shortly

    • G2 Ergonomics

      Sorry William, our guards are not designed to work on the bigger “adventure-type” bikes. These bikes have different handlebar bends, bar ends, and brake master cylinders that require more clearance than the typical dirt bike. Regardless, we need to work on something to meet the needs of the adventure market. Thanks!

  42. Jeremy

    I bought these for a 2019 yamaha yz250x. They were purchased w/ the plastic hand shields & threaded inserts. I am very happy w/ the quality & function of these items. Installation was relatively easy & straight forward. In fact, I like them enough to order another set for my wife’s crf150r.

  43. Billd

    The bars look great have have an awesome finish. The mounts fit the handlebars better than any i’ve used previously
    2109 TE300i Husqvarna.

  44. Bryan

    There are the best handguards on the market. I have used them for years and years. I have tried other brands as well, but the G2 guards fit and hold the best by far.

  45. Logan

    I’ve only had two races on these, but just the way they mount up has made a huge difference. Any time I smacked a tree before, my bolts would pop out of the end of the bars and so far, these have held up better than expected! Quality product for sure!

  46. Scott M Roberts

    Great product, very satisfied!! Looks awesome on my son’s KTM250. Thanks

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