G2 “Stock Ratio” Throttle Tube

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Replace the wimpy plastic throttle tube with USA-machined aluminum. NOTE: Grips Not-Included.



G2 Challenge:  Offer an option to wimpy plastic throttle tubes.

G2 Solution:  The “Stock Ratio” Throttle Tube.

Have you ever tried to remove worn out stock grips from the cheezy plastic stock tube?  Virtually impossible!  Why bother?  Just toss the old grip and tube and replace with the G2 “Stock Ratio” Throttle Tube.  Not only will you enjoy the ultra smooth throttle action of the Delrin bushings, you can also easily change grips in the future.  Best of all, the “stock ratio” cam can be changed to quicker or more control for track days!!

G2 Key Points:  

  • Machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA!
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Included cam is removable and can be replaced with alternate cams (sold separately) to fine tune control.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Works with all known aftermarket cruise controls.
  • Slide one of our Domino grips or your grip unto the throttle tube.
  • Installs in minutes!

Additional information

Weight 0.28125 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

4 reviews for G2 “Stock Ratio” Throttle Tube

  1. Henry

    I ordered this unit to replace the plastic factory throttle tube on my 2012 Honda CBR250R street bike. The factory tube is ribbed along its length and flared on each end, meaning that it will not accept standard after-market grips without extensive modification.

    The G2 throttle tube offers among the finest workmanship I have ever seen on any after-market motorcycle accessory. The quality of the machine work and surface finishing is superb. The fit and operation of this throttle tube is incredibly smooth and precise.

    Quality this good…is worth paying for. This product is built up to a standard, not down to a price. I am very satisfied…I only wish more manufacturers would strive for this level of build quality in bike accessories.

  2. Scott

    I replaced my stock tube on 2012 Monster 1100 Evo. The manufacturing is superb and the installtion was a breeze.

    Now there is zero play in the throttle and it works great!

    100% worth its value and I would recommend this or any otber G2 products to anyone!

  3. Chad Hargis

    The G2 throttle tube is marvelous! This is how motorcycles should come from the factory. I replaced the plastic tube on my Suzuki V-Strom to add some heating elements and new grips. Even though it is the “stock” ratio, it still feels like full throttle comes with less twist, yet small throttle openings are very manageable.

    To top it off, the smooth operation is easily felt. The throttle is a main point of interaction on the bike, and the G2 makes riding easier and more enjoyable.

  4. Dave Price

    I ordered the throttle tube to replace the standard heated grip tube on my 2015Triumph Sprint GT. Unfortunately and due to differences in US and UK spec the wrong length tube was delivered.
    The subsequent email I sent to G2 Ergonomics received an immediate reply by Gary at G2 and the correct specification was established. The correct item was dispatched immediately and when it arrived fitted perfectly.
    You can only describe the quality of the product as outstanding and it’s a shame that most of the engineering is hidden by the rubber grip and cam housing.
    This is the second tube I’ve purchased, the first being on a Kawasaki 1000 Versys to control the abrupt throttle response and I can only reiterate that this is a great product that does exactly as it claims.
    D Price
    Droitwich England

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