G2 Street Competition Quick Turn Throttle

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Reduced ratio = quick response.  For competition use only! NOTE: Grips Not-Included.



G2 Challenge:  The first quality quick turn throttle for street bike racing.

G2 Solution:  The Competition Quick Turn Throttle Tube.

The Competition Quick Turn Throttle Tube decreases rotation required and increases response throughout the throttle range.  This is especially helpful in road racing where range of motion may be difficult while hanging off the side in the turns.  It is also a great solution for riders with past injuries causing limited range of movement.

The options until now have been hokey at best!  Why replace quality OEM throttle housings and cables with substandard Taiwanese parts for twice the money??  And you still have a plastic tube?!  For less that 50% of their cost, you can have a quality, USA machined product that fits right up with your stock throttle housing and cables.  They want you to disassemble your bike to replace cables – we’ll have you riding in minutes?

G2 Key Points:  

  • Machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA!
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Included cam is removable and can be replaced with alternate cams (sold separately) to fine tune control.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Works with all known aftermarket cruise controls.
  • Slide one of our Domino grips or your grip unto the throttle tube.
  • Installs in minutes!

Additional information

Weight 0.28125 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

31 reviews for G2 Street Competition Quick Turn Throttle

  1. Nick

    Unbeatable customer service and perfect fit and finish Of product. Works exactly as described.

  2. Craig

    Awesome upgrade. Worth every cent!

  3. Chris

    Great product, really well machined. Bought it for my Duke 390, and can’t say there’s anything I’d change. Maybe provide two smaller pulleys instead of the smaller pulley and the stock sized one that has a faster ramp. The faster ramp doesn’t feel much different than stock.

  4. Alexander Hauge

    Only ridden 1 ride so far but there is a big difference. The bike Will be much easier to ride active now. The power comes earlier, the bike simply feels faster.

  5. Antoine

    Bought this for my KTM 390 Duke. The quick throttle not only enables me to reach full throttle without changing my grip, but I find it helps me reaching and keeping a smooth small opening. It makes the bike smoother to ride, safer when passing over and a lot more fun. A must have for this bike in my opinion, well worth the money despite the high oversea shipping cost.

  6. Matthew

    Really happy with this upgrade for 2013 Duke 390 – so much better and more practical throttle response than the stock cam – and nice smooth action from a high quality product.

  7. Geoff

    Bought the G2 Street Competition Quick Turn Throttle for my KTM RC 390. Delivery to UK was very fast. The product quality is really good and fitting was easy using the supplied instructions. The throttle response is now noticeably quicker and I no longer need to reposition my grip in order to go from closed throttle to wide open and vice versa. As a result it is much easier to fully shut off the throttle whilst reaching for the front brake.

  8. Gerald

    Used this for first time this weekend at Roebling Road, 1st gen SV650 with Keihin Flat slides. It worked very well and I didn’t have to twist the throttle as far as advertised. I am hoping this lasts much longer than plastic tubes. It looks like it should. I did have to shim the cable slightly but no big deal just something you might encounter with the mods I have.

  9. Matthew

    Works exactly as intended on a 1995 CBR900RR. Just enough reduction in twist to remove wrist discomfort associated with, what I considered, the extreme angle required on the factory throttle to reach full throttle, but not so much that precision is lost.

    The aluminum construction was also a nice touch, although the actual aluminum is very thin, but feels very sturdy and smooth when installed.

    I adapted very quickly to this throttle and find it really helps, especially on the track.

  10. Yiannis

    Very good product, matched EXACTLY on my KTM, rigid grip, smoother turn of the throttle with less friction!

    Highly recommended product – as increases the control of your bike – and highly recommended shop – precise description of their goods and fast shipping.

  11. chadams

    I love love love my quick turn throttle. I’m running a higher gearing than normal and it helps greatly with the occasional stall out at the lights. Also helps with the twist of the wrist reduction, so hitting full throttle (which I do on a regular basis) much easier. I am soo happy with my purchase and have posted the throttle tube on my Versys forum.

  12. Colin.W

    Very good product, it was perfect fit for the Yamaha Fz09 and the new R1/M for our clients.
    It makes enhancement of better feeling of the grip and make it even more linear in detail.
    I am so happy I found this specific product over the world and it is so worthing to upgrade for every bike you got.

    enjoy the ride!

  13. Rob

    Love this on my 2013 Duke 390. Great service and advice from Gary on throttle tube and grip selection. Fast delivery to Aus. This has quickened up the long throttle a treat making the bike more manageable, fun and I reckon gear shifts are now smoother too. Thanks!

  14. Dave Reid

    Best bang for your buck. Instant throttle response. Installs in 5 minutes. I highly reccomend it!

  15. Lukas Mathijsen

    Great product!! Superb fit and a very easy to install. Much better feeling than stock!
    Greatly recommended!

  16. Donald

    This is my second G2 purchase. The first was the “throttle tamer,” for a Yamaha FJR1300. This gem serves a different purpose, namely quicker throttle action. It delivers that perfectly, with a more progressive cam and smoother action due to the low friction insert. The knurled surface holds the throttle grip without glue, and the length is perfect without interfering with the bar-end weight. The gorgeous anodized orange finish is just a bonus. Highly recommended, and thanks for such fine products.

  17. Kyle

    Installed on my 2000 Triumph Sprint RS. Fit was perfect. I honestly didn’t expect to find a performance part like this, at this price, that would fit my obscure bike. It was trial and error getting it installed and I had to adjust both of the throttle cable adjusters all the way open to get the cable long enough. Now my throttle is more responsive and crisper and lighter and smoother. GREAT UPGRADE!! I’m thinking that I might even want a quicker turn than this just because I am kind of a performance junky. I thought it would be more extreme but the way it is now is more just how I think it should have come stock. Bottom line: Incredibly pleased with this purchase. Great price, great quality, lots of fun, did not dissapoint. Thank you!

  18. Kenneth Slabaugh

    Installed the Street Competition on a 2014 Honda CB1100. One of the best additions to the bike. Throttle response is MUCH better. Too much wrist movement with the OEM throttle tube.

  19. Devan

    After installing the quick turn throttle on my zx6r the different was definitely noticable the throttle is much more responsive, and wide open throttle is achieved with much greater ease; but it’s not so agressive were you can’t ride it on the street comfortably. Great product!!!

  20. Edmund Liu

    Purchased street quick turn throttle for my KTM RC390. Stock throttle was about 120 degree from 0 to full throttle. With the quick throttle it becomes a quarter turn (a bit over 90 degree?) and it is an absolute joy to use even on the street. And for track it’s a must.
    Very easy to setup, great quality with metal cam and tube. I didn’t go for the special bearing option but even then a bit of grease inside the tube and it rolls on and off like butter. Definitely recommended.

  21. Kenneth

    Perfect fit on my KTM Duke 2015. Not so much difference in throttle travel,but the difference in quality is extreme. I would reccomend this for anyone. I love it.

  22. Kolte45

    Quick turn Throttle Tube and Y100 Cam will fit the 1995 CBR600F3 Throttle Tube Housing with Slight Adjustment to throttle cables. Also if you want an even shorter pull use the Y050 Cam or S100 Cam (same diameter as Y050, but the cable holes
    are farther apart) these Cams CAN fit with slight modification to Throttle Tube Housing and pull cable, what I did was removed both pull and push cables then shave the very bottom center ridge of lower half so the housing will close, shave the forward stop about 1mm or 2, and shaved 1 1/2 threads off the pull cable the part that threads into housing. You MUST do these tiny modifications to fit the Y050 Cam and or the S100 Cam. It is amazing it makes the bike feel like it has more power so hold on.

  23. David Burt

    Love It!!
    Instantly get Maximum Power!
    Installed on my 16′ Yamaha FZ 09
    You go from idle to 5k rpm instantly.

    A-Mode was my every day, every mile mode. STD was ok, & B- was boring.

    Now STD is fun:)
    A- is Outrageous!!!!
    B- Did a 430 mile day ride and was comfortable:)

    If you don’t have performance mode selection, be sure you want wide open performance all the time.

    Great product, easy to install.
    Every bike I will ever own will have a G2 Quick Turn Throttle!!

  24. Nate

    Best upgrade for the bike by far. Feels like a whole new bike! Well worth it and excellent responsiveness.

  25. G2 Ergonomics

    Wow! I had the quick turn throttle fitted to my 2013 CBR1000rr and did a 300km ride on Sunday over some amazing mountain passes. The bike has never been smoother, i adjusted the cable to my personal setting (not to much slack) and i don’t have any jerky injection issues at all, the power comes on quicker and so smooth!!!!

    I’m so stoked, thank you for this , it’s one of the best performance upgrades ive done, love it!

  26. Eric P.

    G2’s Quick-Turn Throttle is relatively inexpensive, well designed, amazingly simple to install and works brilliantly. I used it with an even-quicker, #50 cam installed on my 2007 GSX-R1000–and liked it so much, I put one on my 2011 GSX-R750 trackbike, too.

    Anything that helps get to WFO sooner is a good thing! Less grip twisting also makes for smoother riding, because less monkey motion is being transmitted to the handlebars to upset the chassis.

    This is a 5-star product!

  27. Steven W.

    Best improvement for the buck you can make to a sport bike. I have the quick turn throttle on my CB500F and my KTM RC390. I’m afraid to put one on my Aprilia Tuono as it already lifts the front wheel under hard acceleration. Great Product.

  28. Bob

    Just put one on my ’12 Ninja 650.

    Had an issue with the throttle cam fitment on the throttle tube (it was too
    wide to fit into the throttle’s housing).

    Normally this would result in a poor rating and a returned product BUT… Gary and I emailed back and forth and he sent another model with a slimmer cam – which works perfectly.

    Great to work with even when things don’t go right the first time!

    Plenty of vids on the Tube showing how to replace this simple part, only need a Phillips and a hex tool. A five-minute job.

  29. Kurt

    Awesome tube . easy to install. the quick turn is just a little quicker. no worries.

  30. TONY P

    “BUELL TRANSFORMER” Is the best way to describe the Quick Turn Throttle it makes for much smoother power delivery, greatly improving the low speed low revs town riding jerkiness you tend to get on a Buell and as others have said you can get to full throttle on a single grip no more wrapping your arm 3 times around the handlebar to get there! 🙂 Have to say i LOVE it! Fast delivery to the UK too! Very impressed with G2 Ergonomics and more than happy to recommend to everyone!

  31. Timur

    Just installed on my CB500X and it’s a big improvement in my opinion – more direct feeling and more control. I wonder why the OEM throttle is so slow – when you are going full throttle and need to change the gear you need to twist a lot to close the gas. With quick throttle I can do it without effort and very quickly. Very recommendable.

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