G2 Street Tamer Throttle Tube

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Eliminate “Throttle Snatch” from your over-responsive fuel-injected street bike. NOTE: Grips Not-Included.



The G2 Street Tamer Throttle Tube incorporates a non-linear ratio between hand throttle rotation and carburetor or throttle body opening.  The “pulley”, or as we call it, “cam” pulls the throttle cable as the rider rotates the grip/tube.  By altering the conventional, circular shaped cam, a vast improvement in control is achieved and “throttle snatch” is drastically reduced.

The G2 Street Tamer Throttle Tube has a cam with a reduced radius initially, which requires a slightly farther rotation to achieve the same carburetor or throttle body opening position as a stock throttle.  This virtually eliminates the jerky “throttle snatch” especially evident in modern fuel injected street bikes.  The radius increases or “ramps up” after ½ throttle to keep overall rotation requires to reach full throttle at or near stock rotation.  For most models the Throttle Tamer includes a 400 style cam profile, but some will have alternative cam profiles.  The cam proven to be the best all-round solution for each model is used.

G2 has offered the Street Tamer Throttle Tube for 12 years with thousands of satisfied customers.  We guarantee you will find this the best investment in control you have ever made, or you can return the throttle for a full refund!  At G2, we stand behind our products and pride ourselves on the best customer service.  If you have ANY questions about our throttle, please email streettech@g2ergo.com or call 815-778-0469.  We guarantee a human will answer the phone or respond to you voicemail within one business day!

G2 Key Points:  

  • Machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA!
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Included cam is removable and can be replaced with alternate cams (sold separately) to fine tune control.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Works with all known aftermarket cruise controls.
  • Slide one of our Domino grips or your grip unto the G2 Street Throttle Tamer Tube.
  • Installs in minutes!

Additional information

Weight 0.28125 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

154 reviews for G2 Street Tamer Throttle Tube

  1. Grumpey

    G2 throttle had made a big difference in the low speed handling of my FJR. The G2 arrived here in Australia in a reasonable time and in good nick. Would recommend strongly

  2. fjrridermatt

    I took my 2007 Yamaha FRJ1300 out for a long ride yesterday after installing the throttle tamer tube and wanted to say the results were astonishing. The bike suffers from very abrupt on/off throttle transition and is also difficult to accelerate smoothly with any degree of control and modulation. The throttle tamer tube improved the response dramatically, well beyond my expectations, especially for a $50 part. Thanks for the great product!

  3. Condon

    I ordered from you chaps a “THROTTLE TAMER” for my 2009 Ducati Monster M1100. It arrived the other day and I proceeded to fit it to my bike. All I can say is “WOW!” What a difference it has made. It is SO SMOOTH in slow going traffic. I liked to ride my bike before, BUT NOW I LOVE TO RIDE IT. Thanks Heaps, Your product is AWESOME.

  4. Jerry

    Just a note about the G2. I ordered and received it for my 08 FJR this week. Yesterday I installed it. It is a real pleasure when an aftermarket product does exactly what it is advertised to do! No more ‘adventures’ going into turns due to the jerky application of power coming off 0 throttle. Starting off from stops is also improved 1000%. Just a smooth application of the throttle. I took the bike for a couple hour ride through the backroads of Connecticut and couldn’t have been more pleased! Thanks for a great product!

  5. Tim

    I wanted to tell you what you probably already know. YOUR PRODUCT IS AWESOME. I installed the throttle tube in about ten minutes and felt like I had a new bike. It totally eliminated the jerkiness of my FJR- now I can take corners without worry. My wife immediately felt the difference and asked what I was doing differently- her head wasn’t jerking. I also needed to mention the unbelievable service I received from Sam. Because of the service and product, you have a customer for life and I will sing your praises to all my riding friends.

  6. Ducati Mike

    I recently purchased a throttle tamer for my Ducati Multistrada: this past weekend we had great weather and so I had a chance to test it both in stop-and-go traffic and on one of my favorite winding roads: Ortega Highway…. The difference your part made was huge: the throttle action is much more controllable/softer, making the bike both more fun to ride and easier to be precise with. I am also impressed by the high quality of the fit and finish; it was also a snap to install. Thank you for a great product; its by far the best $80 I’ve spent on my bike! Thanks!

  7. Jon

    Hi, Just a quick email to say that the part turned up yesterday (only posted on Friday – excellent service). I fitted it to my Street Triple R last night (very easy). Rode in to work the back way today (lots of 2 lane bumpy back roads) through the West Sussex ‘South downs’ (the showers have held off today) and the difference is really noticeable. The bike is so much easier to ride, it feels smoother and I didn’t need to worry about bumps affecting the throttle – superb! I will certainly recommend it to any other Triumph riders. Many thanks!

  8. Rick from Rockford

    Very pleased with your throttle tamer on my 07 tiger. thanks Gary.

  9. Christos

    Hello again, I have installed it and use the 500 cam for the moment, as you suggested. Some feedback so far: Only commute use of the bike. No fast rides or track days. Very nice kit, near excellent construction, design and quality. Seems that it will last for ever. Especially if the Derlin and aluminum cam pieces will stay as new. Fitment is straightforward, easy and secure. The overall performance is as excepted. Veeeeeery smooth on any twist, very easy and light, no grabs, no resistance. I have to recalibrate my brain about throttle use and feel. With 500 cam the Ducati 998, from a near “hell” piece of commute bike, transformed to a red city pussy cat, always ready to show her nasty nails on demand. Acceleration from idle is a brand new experience. Better up & downshifts plus better & much more controlled DECELERATION!!!!! The bike feels 10 Kg lighter! I think better overall throttle control. I believe that your product have much to offer. Thanks Sam & Gary. Thanks G2. You are here, on every “Twist of the Wrist”! Best regards Christos

  10. Mr. Concours

    Hey guy’s I just want to let you know that the throttle cam that I bought from you over the summer made my Concours so much smoother off of idle that it feels like a new bike! I’ve owned many bikes in my years and I thought that I would have to get a power commander and re-map or something expensive ,or just get a different bike altogether to smooth things out. But you provided a very nice fix to the issue that I had and it was a no brainer to install. I’ve been meaning to thank you all summer but have been too busy riding.

  11. Fred

    I received the throttle cam for my FJR1300, and it more than I expected.A really great product! I will pass this info on to all my friends that can benefit from which is just about all of them.Thanks again for A great product.

  12. Joseph

    I’ve never had any real trouble with my ST1300’s throttle response but, it is very sensitive and, if I have a momentary lapse of concentration while in 1st or 2nd gear, the throttle can be a bit abrupt.
    After installing the G2 Tamer Throttle Tube, however, I literally cannot make my throttle mess up. This might sound a little corney but, it has REALLY helped “tame” that sensitive throttle response that I would sometimes get if I forgot to slip the clutch a bit. It’s a keeper in my farkle collection for this and any other bike I get.

  13. Gary

    Being the guinea pig for the Ducati ST4 has been a pure pleasure. I sent my throttle body into G2 to see if there was anything that would match up. There was! Installation was quick and easy. The attention to detail is beautiful. This throttle is the perfect solution to the low speed jerkiness that is experienced with the stock Ducati throttle assembly. Starts have been smooth and much more controllable. I’ve had no more jerky starts nor have I had any low speed jerky roll on with this throttle. All I can say is thank you G2.

  14. Steve

    Having nothing else on the market available that meets the requirement in the UK, the G2 throttle tamer has improved the throttle snatch making the bike more enjoyable to ride and control, well worth the money. No problem fitting with my heated grips,,,,Thanks G2.

  15. Kirk Brode

    Throttle Tamer kicks ass. Works infinitely better than stock, took less than 10 min and minimal tools to install, and its affordable. No compromises. Its rare that something works out this well.

  16. Otis

    I just installed the G2 throttle tamer on my 2000 Ducati ST4. What a differance! Incredibly smooth throttle transitions, all but eliminated the snatchy, jerky throttle at low speed. I was just about ready to dive into a total TPS tweak and throttle sync! The low speed operation now rivals the BMW’s i’ve owned, but with usual stout pull of a Duc that puts that silly grin on your face. Try this mod first before you go tweaking on the TPS or anything else. Either way this is a must do…. Absolutely the best bang for the buck i’ve spent on any bike i’ve owned! Thanks, great product!!

  17. Jordan J.

    I installed this throttle tube on my 2009 R1, which is infamous for having poorly set up fueling from the factory due to EPA emission standards. What you will experience is an abruptness when you open the throttle and a harsh lash when you close it, which is the result of the factory setting up the ECU to run the A/F as lean as possible to help with carbon monoxide output. Yamaha’s attempt at rectifying this quirk was the drive mode selector, which adjusts how quickly the throttle valves (and in turn how quickly the injectors ramp up for acceleration and slow down for part throttle) react to your wrist’s input, with the slowest setting reducing the harshness of the fueling the most, but the effect was still obvious in the slowest setting.

    I took this one step further with a G2 Throttle Tamer, which uses an elongated lobe on the throttle tube instead of the OEM’s perfect circle to slow the operation of the throttle shaft. Installation was simple and I’m happy to report my bike is much smoother than what it was. I still have to use the slowest throttle map, but I am no longer anxious to use higher RPMS in fear of that nasty lurch effect. This is the best $80 I’ve ever spent on a bike, and is much better than spending several hundred dollars adjusting the ECU either through a black box or reflash.

  18. Michael

    Best mod on the bike yet!

  19. IK

    APRILIA TUONO V4 rider here. Top quality product all the way!!!
    Function, craftsmanship and quality. What else can one ask for???

  20. Jack Dannenberg

    This is a very well made product. First class. I bought it for my Triumph Tiger 800XC. These bikes have very snappy throttle response but also will suddenly die when taking off from a dead stop if there is not enough rpm. The G2 throttle makes it much easier to control the rpm off of idle.

  21. nelly

    I have the Throttle Tamer and the Domino Grips on my Tiger 800.
    I am a very, very, VERY happy girl 🙂

  22. Sohil M.

    Love the tamer throttle, worked with Gary for my tech questions, and he was very informative and gave me the right direction to ensure it works on my Daytona 675r.

    I see an immediate difference in response from the bike and how smooth my initial throttle is.

  23. Ark1__

    To be concise, this product delivers as advertised. I’m quite pleased with the way it has helped smooth out the power delivery on my S10.

  24. Alan W

    Fitted Throttle tamer to my V-Strom 650. Low speed, light throttle corners are now fun. Much better control. Shipping to Australia in good time. What a top product. Highly recommended.

  25. Bruce Wilson

    Couldn’t believe how easy it was to install – everything lined up so I didn’t even have to adjust cables or anything. It has really helped with the KTM990 low throttle jerkiness so I don’t have such an abrupt on/off effect which helps this new to off road guy in the rough stuff

  26. ron

    great product and great delivery. Worked as promised and easy to install on my duc.

  27. Ernie

    Ernie 4\14\14
    I put this on my 2007 FJR and what a difference!!! The only thing I didn’t like about my bike was the grabby throttle. Problem solved. Easy installation.

  28. Dave V.

    I purchased the throttle tamer for my 2011 Kawasaki Concours which I’ve owned since new. This was the best upgrade I’ve done, and I wish I’d bought one immediately for my bike! It is so much less abrupt on the throttle and allows smooth small changes in speed rather than the jerkiness I’ve been dealing with. Great product!

  29. Peter

    I just came back from a 50-mile backroad ride, my first after installing the Street Tamer. I bought it because my wife was tired of banging helmets and I thought it would help. It has.

    It has transformed my bike (a 2009 650 Ninja). That’s a strong statement, but it’s true. I didn’t realize how much the abrupt nature of the throttle was affecting the handling. I always thought it was me when, after entering a corner, I couldn’t get exactly the line I wanted. The precise throttle control I now have has made cornering much more fun. If I carry either a little to much or too little speed, I can dial in a precise change. Previously, any attempt to modulate the throttle resulted in a sharp change in loading of the suspension and a change in line. Now, I’m able to pick a line easily by simply adjusting the throttle. I was having so much fun exploring this new control that it brought a big grin to my face.

    Another big benefit is coming to a stop while facing uphill. Again, precise throttle control allows for smoother starts. Low-speed handling is much better. Making a U-turn is much, much easier.

    Installation was simple and took about 20 minutes, most of which were spent wrestling the handgrip off the old tube and onto the Tamer. I heated it in a microwave oven for two minutes to make it more pliable and used two pairs of pliers to pull it off and put it on, all while wearing gloves because the grip got very hot. The tamer itself went on easily and fit precisely. Throttle action is smooth and with the grip in place, it’s invisible.

    I’m not one for modifying bikes. My only other change is a Corbin seat. But this is one of those “small change, big results” products. I recommend it without reservation.

  30. Joe

    I have the tamer fitted to my FZ6 S2, and although the difference it makes is quite subtle, it’s noticeable. It certainly does the job it’s supposed to, reducing the initial snatch of the throttle. I’m sure the only way to eliminate it completely would be to do a fuel remap, but the tamer sure helps improve things. The level of difference it makes will depend on the bike it’s fitted to. It’s a nicely made item, and is easy to fit even if you’re not particularly mechanically minded. All in all I’m pleased with it and would recommend it. The service from G2 was spot on, good communication and delivered to the UK within 10 days.

  31. Barry

    Installed the throttle Tamer on my 2008 Suzuki Burgman 650 and was immediately impressed. These machines are known for their abrupt throttle downshifting as they have an automatic transmission. With the throttle tamer I was able to almost eliminate this abrupt downshifting and am extremely satisfied with the product. The shipping was almost immediately and am very impressed with the company and their products

  32. Kurt R

    Whilst the throttle tamer has gone along way to reduce the snatch on MT09 /fz09? and made the bike more enjoyable to ride, I found the circumference of the throttle tube was incompatible with the genuine YAMAHA heated grips and took a great deal of time and effort to make it fit.

  33. Larry

    Got this for my wife’s bike. She’s small so when she held her bike open her shoulder would drop and it would throw off her balance. This is perfect to fix that. It delivers the power smoothly and it’s aggressive without being crazy power. She loves it and is ordering another one for her practice bike.

  34. Pete (aka RipGroove)

    Fitted this to my 2014 Yamaha MT-09 (FZ-09) Since fitting it the bike feels so much better. Throttle roll on is smooth and predictable as it should have been from the factory, I now ride in A-mode all the time and am no longer having to concentrate so much on throttle control. There is still a very slight jerk when first rolling on from a closed throttle but because of the cam at this point the throttle is open a lot less than it used to be so its a much softer and more manageable jerk and no longer upsets the bikes attitude like it did before. I can also confirm that the rotation required from closed to fully open is still just 1/4 so overall acceleration is just the same as it was before. The jerky throttle is now a thing of the past for me. Have recommended this to lots of other MT-FZ owners also.

  35. Danny

    Makes a big difference. Much more control whilst cracking the throttle in the apex of a bend, and easier to match downshifts/upshifts. Also virtually eliminates that lurch we get when hitting bumps. Freeway cruising is much less fatiguing as the throttle is smoother in the cruising range and control is much better. Worth every cent. Quality is aircraft level. Domino grips are also very good quality.

  36. Andy

    Used on a MT/FZ-09
    Brilliant mod, worth every penny, turned it back into a normal bike!!!

  37. Brian

    2012 Yamaha Super Tenere
    Fits like OEM and works well

  38. Shahar Regev

    Great product, high quality, fast delivery, installed on mt MT-09 (FZ-09) much control than the stock one.
    now ride in A mode 100% of the time.

  39. Diljeet Masuda

    The throttle tamer was just what I needed. I had it installed by my Ducati tech on my Multistrada 1100s. It has a much smoother roll on now and I’m not using the clutch as much to try to smooth out the abrupt power on of the old throttle cam profile. Two up riding is mostly what I do with my wife and I would recommend it highly!

  40. FZ8 Rider

    I got the G2 Ergonomics Throttle Tamer for Yamaha bikes today, along with a pair of the Domino Strada grips. It took only a few days to get here, pretty quick delivery. The cost for everything was a little over $100, with shipping. I wasn’t really ready to do any mods to the bike (waiting on new tires) but as the parts were sitting there, I had to dive in and do it.

    The throttle tube was very easy to install; I just greased the cable ends and nothing else. G2 says the CNC aluminum tube has its own plastic bushings which never need lubrication so I left them alone. The tube itself, made in USA, is of first-rate manufacture and fit perfectly. It’s a big upgrade over the plastic part provided by Yamaha.

    One thing to note is that the throttle cable will be quite loose after installation because of the slope of the throttle cam, so that’ll need to be adjusted to remove the play. My bike’s got just over 8,000 miles and this adjustment used up most all of the cable barrel adjuster’s play, so I’ll need to pop the tank and readjust the throttle cables at the throttle body to put things right, but that’s a job for another slow day.

    The grips went on easily. I safety-wired the throttle grip just to be sure it wouldn’t slip, but this turned out to be unnecessary. The rubber material used for the grips does not need glue and has a very high coefficient of friction against a clean handlebar. The grips are not quite as thick as the stockers, but proved to be excellent replacements; they look great and provide a lot of traction with a decent amount of comfort.

    I put in about 120 miles of riding, mostly tight to medium-speed canyons, and about 40 miles of freeway, with some lane-splitting.

    The redesign of the cam very definitely changes the ratio of throttle opening to twistgrip movement. This takes place in about the first third of the rotation. The throttle remains a 1/4-turn design, it’s just the first third that is modified.

    What G2 has done has basically given the bike a “B” mode through mechanical means rather than through the ECU. I could immediately tell the difference in throttle pickup. It is much easier to modulate the throttle off-idle, which makes it easier to launch the bike from a stop (as in traffic) since the bottom end can be controlled that much better. You get a lot more motion of the grip in order to better fine-tune throttle-to-clutch. This also proved very helpful in shifting, as it was much easier to match RPM for downshifts and upshifts. This was an unexpected benefit but proved itself true over and over again during the ride.

    Another unexpected bonus of this upgrade was during steady-state freeway drones. At freeway speed, of say, 65 mph in traffic, the throttle was just about 2/3 of the way into the recammed portion of its travel (that’s about 1/4 open on the twistgrip). This recammed area allows much less sensitive control at normal road speeds of 65 mph or so, and bumps in the pavement don’t cause the bike to lurch nearly as much as with the stock throttle. This also proved to be a true rideability improvement, making extended hauls on the freeway less fatiguing. A lighter grip was possible on the throttle because of this larger “band” of control for cruising speed.

    The main reason most riders want this product is to soften the snap or lurch when picking up the throttle, especially while cranked over in a turn. A sudden lurch at lean can be unsettling at best, and can cause a loss of traction or other handling issue at worst (even a crash), so smoothing out this EFI gremlin is a good thing.

    I started riding over 30 years ago, and CV (constant velocity) carbs were the thing. These carbs, when set up right, had almost no driveline snap due to their basic design.

    The vacuum slide tamed the carb naturally because it was the slide, not the butterfly, that actually controlled air/fuel flow into the engine.

    These days, with EFI and emissions concerns, it takes a powerful ECU processor and very good fuel injection design to iron out the lurchiness inherent in EFI motorcycles. Some have superb fueling/throttle response, and most of these tend to cost around $15,000 or more. Even bikes costing this kind of money often have terrible fueling issues, so it’s not always about the money. Basically, it IS possible to design a great system, but cost concerns or bad design can ruin a bike’s throttle response.

    The FZ8 is a midrange bike in terms of cost and it has a decent ECU and average-to-problematic throttle response in terms of smooth pickup. So anything we can do to make it better is a good thing.

    I had my ECU reflashed by Guhls, and removing the ignition timing restriction made the bike a lot faster in the first three gears. Guhls also makes the secondary throttles open more aggressively, which can make the lurchiness worse. However they do change the A/F ratio to soften this up a bit, but overall, I’d say that the reflash — while it made the bike a lot more fun to ride — only improved the lurchiness of the EFI marginally.

    This is where the Throttle Tamer picks up the slack, literally. I found it made a huge difference in cracking the throttle back on, particularly in tight turns (first and second gear). I rode hundreds of turns like this on my test ride, and felt that the Throttle Tamer mimicked a well-tuned CV-carbureted bike (I’ve owned and built/tuned many of these). The thing worked so well that I was able to ride some roads in first gear with great control; in fact, it was so smooth and controllable that I tried on one occasion to downshift to first for a particular turn, and realized I was already in first gear. It was that smooth.

    This thing does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and made my bike, at least, a hell of a lot more fun to ride. It’s easier to ride fast, especially in the tight stuff, and it’s also less fatiguing and easier to control in traffic and on the freeway.

    There are actually four areas that benefit equally from installing this thing:

    1. Much smoother throttle pickup, similar to a good set of CV carbs.
    2. Much easier to control off-idle, whilst leaving a stoplight or maneuvering.
    3. Much smoother when downshifting as it’s easier to match engine RPM.
    4. Far less “bouncing” and inadvertent lurching while riding at steady freeway speeds.

    I highly recommend it.

  41. Frank

    Bought for my MT-09 in UK and has ‘tamed’ the throttle as advertised. Yamaha should buy it and fit as standard.

  42. Cobweb

    From ordering the G2 throttle tamer to delivery was 9 days which is great considering the distance it travelled to get to me and I was really impressed with the quality of the manufacture and the materials used which is far superior to the OEM part and fitting to my 2014 MT09 Yamaha took 15 minutes max.

    The difference in the ride quality is amazing. No more firing the throttle open every time I hit a bump in the road, no more jerky throttle on roll on and riding through cities in heavy traffic is now a pleasure. Cornering is now a science and not a lottery as I can now feather the throttle and put the power back down without any nasty surprises.
    The throttle tamer has made a good bike great.

  43. Bill – Aprilia RXV 450

    Almost uncontrollable off-road and miserable in traffic, low speed or on the freeway, but the speed, acceleration & power were astounding on the factory throttle tube which always put a grin on my face. All the above comments apply. Motocross was difficult and trail riding was all clutch slipping, starts and steady speeds were always a challenge.

    Now (with the G2 Tamer Throttle)… what can I say that hasn’t been said before? Starts on the street are great, modulation at speed is much more controllable – steady state is easy & lurches from uneven tarmac virtually gone – and best of all off-road is really fun and the Virginia City Grand Prix (put that in a search engine) was a blast. The aircraft grade aluminum is way sturdier than the stock plastic item. It is hard to say too much good about this product.

  44. Rene

    I just installed the Tamer Throttle on my Concours 14. What a difference it makes at low speed. I am very pleased.

  45. Eric F

    Installed the throttle tamer and Domino sport touring grips on my 2014 Honda CTX1300. Roll-on throttle from stop vastly improved, and surge at speed when hitting bumps somewhat better. An excellent performance mod!

  46. Eric F

    Installed the throttle tamer and Domino sport touring grips on my 2014 Honda CTX1300. Roll-on throttle from stop vastly improved, and surge at speed when hitting bumps somewhat better. An excellent performance mod!

  47. Leoh Franciso

    Hi Gary thank you for shipping the item as quick as possible. It actually made it Saturday morning enough time to for me to install it and head to track…it’s actually amazing how much different the bike responded after it..very happy with the result!

    I seriously think it’s a must mod.,it’s much smoother and the quality of the product is excellent compare to plastic assembly. Thank you for sending me both the 300 and 200 cam, I ended up using the 300 which I’m happy with.

    Big thanks to G2 team for making this excellent product!

  48. Derek

    This is by far the best FZ-09 upgrade you can buy. The stock throttle tube was manageable but I found myself having to concentrate on my throttle way too much. After installing the throttle tamer throttle response seems much more natural. I don’t have to think about it whatsoever. It improved by parking lot game drastically. With the stock I would have issues in the twisties as well. Instead of giving the curve 100% of my attention I was always worried about that throttle jerking and losing the rear end.

    TLDR: Just buy this thing. There are absolutely no negatives with it.

  49. Steve

    ’14 – FZ09

    Totally takes the jerkiness out of the throttle. Well worth the $$ and effortless to install. Don’t have to concentrate so much on throttle position now and can easily manage the fuel input and keep my attention where it should be, on the road.

    Best add on so far!

  50. beeker

    I found my recently purchased 2004 Honda st1300 a lot to handle. Pretty heavy bike and with a touchy throttle (both accelerating and decelerating) it was ‘an adventure’ especially in low speed turn situations. My riding partner also was challenged by the ‘full on/full off’ characteristics when accelerating and decelerating being alternately flung backwards and cracking forwards. The g2 has made a big difference. I am also consistently improving my riding skills. I am convinced that a large part of the improvement in performance is the adjustment to throttle cable tension that I made during the installation procedure. The reduction in tension on throttle cables has resulted in much smoother up and down shifts at speed and smoother ‘starts from stop’ and low speed power application to control the bike in cornering. The well made g2 tube is better quality and design than the stock Honda plastic tube. Since there is no substitute for the experience I am disappointed that the optional cams are so expensive to try. It would be nice if there was a choice when ordering. As a senior getting back into riding after a decade without a bike I am sure that my cam choice would be much more conservative than a younger more aggressive rider. The two changes and some experience have turned my st1300 into a more comfortable ride. Very pleased that G2 is meeting a need that is mysteriously overlooked by the engineers. … now if G2 could do something about the stock seat!

  51. Kurt Tuthill

    Very easy installation and extremely high quality product. Transformed the low down ridability of my ’10 Ducati 848, with smoother initial acceleration and ability to hold a constant speed, without any restriction of throttle once beyond 1/8th of a turn. Brilliant! Much more enjoyable and safer on tight low speed or wet corners and around town. Even makes riding in 6th at semi-legal speeds with the tall standard 15/39 gearing viable – as the more fine and controllable throttle opening smooths out top gear snatchiness. Absolutely delighted with my purchase – well done G2!!!

  52. Steve

    Added this item to my 2013 Triumph Tiger 800. The G2 made a great improvement in
    the throttle response both accelerating and decelerating. I was at the point of trading the
    bike because of the jerky throttle response but now find it manageable. Highly recommend
    this product.

  53. Rob

    I put this on an 08′ CBR1000RR. The stock tube was the typical on/off switch off idle. You had to get it PERFECT to be smooth, otherwise it would just snap and lurch.

    At first I didn’t think it did much because it really seemed just like stock, but after riding for a while this is because we stretched the cable a little to get it off the stock tube. After a bit of riding, it was night and day how much better this new tube is. Smoother off idle, slow movement control 10 times better, just more enjoyable to ride when you are just riding around town, cruising, or anything that’s not aggressive riding.

    In my opinion, ALL sport bikes should come with this tube from the factory. Maybe even all bikes that can fit them, period!

  54. Curt Volpi

    Great Product! Installed in on my 2013 Triumph Thruxton when I went to ClipOns. Totally took away all jerkiness at low speed in 1st and 2nd gear. Plus, on the rare occasions I do hop on the interstate, I no longer need to adjust my right hand position on the throttle because of this products short throw.
    Love it! I don’t have the fastest bike in town but it definitely seems faster now.

  55. Paul

    The G2 throttle tube should have come as standard equipment on the Yamaha MT/FZ 09. Makes a great bike the perfect bike.
    No more mid corner jerkiness from the old on/off throttle switch. And no more nearly running in to the back of cars in stop start traffic.
    Has transformed the bike to a tamed beast now and wheelies are way more controllable.

  56. Dave

    2012 Triumph Tiger 800XC
    Anyone who’s ridden the Tiger off road, on technical terrain, knows how twitchy the throttle is and how much the bike lunges with the slightest turn of the wrist.
    Welcome the G2 Street – Dirt – Tamer Throttle!

    As previously mentioned, there’s a little slack that needs to be taken up, but that’s easily accomplished with a few twists of the in line adjuster.

    The improvement is noticed right from the start. The throttle rolls smooth from idle to wide open with even application of power throughout. One of the good attributes of the Tiger is the wide, even and consistent power band, the G2 Throttle doesn’t change this at all.

    Off road, the change is nothing short of amazing.
    Gone is the lurch from the first gear chugging to slight throttle application to get moving. The G2 had made off road ridding even easier.

  57. Eric Clapham

    I fitted one of these units to my ’08 Burgman 650 and was pleasantly surprised at just how much difference it has made in smoothing out the throttle response at low power settings. Well made, easy to fit and it actually DOES WORK as you claim. I’m impressed !

  58. Brian TINK Tinkler

    I have the G2 Street Tamer on every Honda FI bike I own; 2014 CB1100, 2009 ST1300 and 2000 VFR800. While the G2 Street Tamer smooths out the throttle action on all of these bike, it was the ST1300 that benefited the most from the G2 Street Tamer. The ST1300 has a nasty ON/OFF switch effect that the G2 Street Tamer cured. The G2 Street Tamer is a great product at a reasonable price; much more cost effective than trying to address the FI issues with either an electronic break-out box or an ECU re-flash. TINK

  59. Andy Cook

    The G2 Tamer throttle for my FJR did everything as advertised. Fast delivery to Australia and a piece of cake to fit. Well done G2 ergo.

  60. Mark Steffey

    Bought the G2 throttle tamer for my Triumph Street Triple during your on-line Christmas special after seeing your add in Cycle World. While the winter weather has prevented me from much testing, the previous reviews and the quality of the product have me looking forward to riding with it. A well made, professional looking product, it’s a shame to have to cover it up with grips! Fast shipping too!

  61. Chang-Z Choo

    Good product.

  62. Bassteamer

    I bought this to help tame the “snatchiness” off idle of my injected ’09 Triumph Bonneville SE. It works well! It could be a little more mellow off idle, but then it may make the midrange a little more abrupt. No complaints.

    I had a problem getting the throttle housings to fit together after putting the tube in place, so I emailed G2 about it. They responded the next day with the suggestion of slacking the “pull” cable a bit (among other suggestions), and the housing fitted together perfectly.

    Money well spent!

  63. rick jordan

    Great product!! No more snatchey throttle. I now can enjoy the ride without spending time thinking about when will be the next time I get suprized with the on-off throttle I once had.

  64. mdwiederkehr

    Michael Wiederkehr – March 25, 2015
    Installed G2 throttle control a couple of weeks ago on my 06 GSX1300R Hayabusa. I am thrilled!! The bike is now so much easier to control at low RPM’s. It is set-up as a sport tourer and a bike I love to ride. I’ve just turned 60 last year and own two sport bikes but the Busa is my go to ride.
    Your product has made it possible for me to ride with confidence for many more years.
    Thanks Guy’s for a terrific product.

  65. Mark Levert

    2008 KTM Superduke 990,

    Very fast delivery!
    Product is extremely high quality.
    The Superduke is known for abrupt FI. I have switched maps and performed other mods to reduce this. Although the bike did respond well it still had fueling that would drive most people nuts. The addition of the throttle tamer resulted in a bike that is now what I consider normal in its fueling. Bike is now much easier to ride especially when in full lean.
    Thank You!

  66. Gary

    I installed G2 on my 2014 v strom 1000. I’m so impressed with the improvement I’m telling everyone about this product.

  67. Dave Bechtel

    Great product, really smoothed out the throttle on the 2014 CB1100. Went on easy after slacking the throttle linkage. Well made and Delrin bushing makes it rotate easily. Took about 15 minutes to swap out. Highly recommended.

  68. Theodore Groke

    Perfect fit for my Honda NC700X. Much smoother engine control especially when accelerating from a stopped condition.

  69. Jeff

    Installed this on my 2000 Honda CBR1100 Blackbird and it’s awesome. Completely eliminated the snatchy, hard to control behavior when you’re just rolling on the throttle. I’d recommend this for any fuel injected bike, and I’m probably going to install one on my VFR as well. Fantastic product.

  70. Jay

    Very easy to install (maybe 20 minutes, total time), fit like a well made part should and, best of all, it worked. Still a slight punch coming back on throttle from fully closed, but that’s probably due to the 100% fuel cut-off in the EFI map.

    I ride in A mode all the time now, it’s controllable, even in slow speed exercises and turns from a standing start in traffic.

    This is where to start. If you want more, then go spend hundre$ on a Power Commander, or a re-map.

  71. MH Parlier

    Not a lot to say here…..it is well made and it makes a substantial improvement.
    I have recommended it to others and they have obtained similar results.
    Seems to me that Ducati could apply similar ramp profiles on their throttle wheels and it would cost them ‘nothing’ (minor tooling change)….but then again, Throttle Tamer wouldn’t exist….and another small business wouldn’t exist….and that would be sad.

  72. Gary

    Put this on my 2011 Suzuki GSX1250FA and noticed the difference in the first minute of riding. It smoothed the throttle response dramatically, both on acceleration and deceleration. Great result for the money.

  73. Bill S.

    This is a high quality piece of equipment. Its nicely finished and its my GSXR 750 perfectly. It does what it is supposed to do, which is smooth out or slow down the throttle response.If anything it does it too well. For my taste, somewhere between the Throttle Tamer and the factory cam profile would be perfect.

    • G2 Ergonomics

      Hi Bill, thanks for the feedback! Give us a call or email, we may have a cam that does exactly what you want!

  74. Chris

    One of the best ergonomic improvements you can make to your bike. I will make sure to purchase one for every bike I ever own.

  75. Graham

    Arrived very quickly (I live in Spain) and fitted in a few minutes with just a Phillips screwdriver.

    The G2 Throttle Tamer has managed to reduce the throttle snatch on my Burgman 650 by about 90%. Riding is now a pleasure and not a pain especially at slow speeds, tight corners etc. Highly recommended.

  76. Fabio V

    G2 Tamer is awesome! After installed it I feel more confortable to ride on streets due to smoother acceleration and stability at low speed.

  77. David McKay

    Simple but brilliant. I combined the G2 Tamer with an uprated clutch slave cylinder on my Ducati 1000DS and this has improved my riding experience and safety immensely. Previously riding in traffic, slow corners and pulling out at T junctions had me often snatching for the brake or riding a heavy clutch to avoid or control an unnerving lurch. That has gone and its a much more relaxing experience. Has also cured wrist pain from gripping throttle to tightly!

  78. David McKay

    Simple but brilliant. I combined the G2 throttle tamer with an uprated clutch slave cylinder on my Ducati 1000DS and this has transformed my riding experience and safety immensely. Previous riding in traffic, slow corners and pulling out a T junctions had me often snatching for the brake or riding a heavy clutch to avoid or control an unnerving lurch. That has gone and its a much more relaxed experience. Really easy and quick to fit. Has also cured wrist pain from gripping throttle too tightly!

  79. Jack Gutshall

    The throttle tamer is a quality piece. It improved the throttle response of my ’14 FZ-09 but didn’t quite solve the problem. I haven’t had the ECU reflashed by Yamaha with the ’15 FJ-09 map…I suppose that will be the next step after I confirm that it will be compatible with my aftermarket exhaust.

  80. Ben English

    Works a treat to make slow speed riding in traffic smoother and easier on my Ducati M1000S. I would rate it a 5, but for the duplication of two superfluous rings on the stock throttle. I had to have these machined off so as to install my Vista Cruise throttle lock. Perhaps G2 could offer a plain version, which would also remove a limitation on choice of grips. That I’d rate a 5!

  81. Martin Matlack

    Installed the “Throttle Tamer” on my ’09 Moto Guzzi Griso 8V – made slow speed first-gear (traffic) operation much more manageable. Much gentler throttle application than stock. Easy to install, too. Quality piece.

  82. Chrs Owen

    I fitted this to my RC51 on Friday and went out on a 160mile test ride thro’ our local “hunting ground” (Eifel, Germany) on Sunday. After a few miles adapting (I’m no spring chicken) to the softer throttle response, I found the bike much, much easier to ride, particularly on small, nadgery roads with uphill hairpin bends and, during the schlepp back into the city later, in traffic. I reckon this throttle has bought me another few years on this bike, which I’ve had since new (115,000miles on the clock), use for touring and really like. My other half, perched on the back seat also noticed that the ride was smoother.

    In short, it’s a well thought out throttle tube, beautifully engineered and I recommend it 🙂

  83. Fred Maggiora

    I had the ECU updated on my 2014 FZ09. Throttle response was improved but still jerky. After installing your Street Tamer Throttle Tube response was again improved, but to a greater degree. I now use the ‘Standard” engine map even around town. High quality, easy to install, works as advertised. Thank you G2!

  84. David Gorney

    Product works as advertised. I track a cbr 1000rr, on/off throttle transition is greatly improved. Increased confidence allows me to get on the throttle sooner after the apex

  85. Don

    Purchased two of these for two Ducatis I own.

    Ducatis have a notoriously abrupt throttle response at initial throttle application. With the G2 Throttle Tamer installed I have a much finer control of the throttle when coming out of a corner.

    This is a great product and I highly recommend it for anyone who would like to have finer control over their throttle at initial application.

  86. Mike S

    Fitted to stock Ducati Scrambler Classic . Had to make a small modification as the standard bar end bung interfered with the throttle movement. The product really works very impressed with the results the bike is much smoother to ride at low speeds. Thank you !

  87. Paul

    Package came to Poland within 4 days or so. Absolutely no extra formalities, delivered right to my doorstep. Installing took me ca. 20 minutes. Works like a charm!

  88. Don Coscarelli

    This product is exactly as advertised. It completely cured the abrupt throttle response on my Ducati Scrambler. I would highly recommend this product to friends. Installation is simple and only takes about 10 minutes. 5 stars.

  89. Dean T

    I put the G2 Throttle Tamer on my 2001 VFR. It does tame the throttle in just the right way. Easier interaction with the clutch on takeoff. Smoother shifting also. Most important to me is the ease of staying slightly on throttle in the corners. It does not hamper acceleration. Honda should have sold the bike with this throttle.

    On the VFR, to get enough cable slack, you have to take two Phillips screws out to loosen the throttle wheel under the tank. Be very careful to not strip those screws. It is ease to do–you can’t get straight at them. After a squirt of penetrator, I used a 1/4 ratchet and a short driver bit. I pried inward on the back of the ratchet, forcing the bit well into the screw. Do not use those screws again. Use allen head screws from HD instead.

  90. Jim

    I’ve seen a lot of products over 30+ years or riding, the machining is first class, the function is better than stock (ie: it turns smoother). The rest of the story is that unlike many others; this part delivers everything that was promised.

  91. Marcus

    The best single modification on my Ducati Scrambler. Torque control is a lot improved, as well as acceleration exiting turns. Much better throttle construction than original part.

  92. Stan Brizendine

    Purchased for 2014 Suzuki Vstrom 1000. Totally changed throttle response for the better. Much softer response especially in traffic. Get one, you won’t regret it!

  93. Bob Bowman

    Bike 2008 Kawasaki Versys: I have tried for years to get rid of the throttle sensitivity. I purchased your Street Tamer, easy installation, took me longer to get the old grips off than install the throttle. I have to say that I was impressed, nearly eliminated the throttle snatch. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is that I have not put any miles to speak of (Highway and twisties) to give it a real test. Great product, too bad Kawasaki can’t figure that out.

  94. Howard Blake

    Excellent, must have. It was no fun going into a turn, and making a slight adjustment to the path, lean angle, and a touch of throttle– it gave a a split second surge of power–very disconcerting in turns.

    Use air and windex to get old grip off,, be tender- its soft rubber. Only problem was the new aluminum was to small– so tried glue on grip – made a giant mess. — the fix — wrap a few spirals of electrical tape on the throttle tamer, and with a touch of Windex and no air, it slid on and STAYED ON. There’s still enough ‘snap’ at take offs, but that annoying power twitch in middle of a serious turn is gone- it behaves like carbs are expected to. Oh, it’s a 2014 Street Triple, stock except for Sargant Seat. Love the bark as it spools up.

  95. Tony Slick

    Bought the throttle tamer for my 2014 fz09. It was very easy to install and does exactly what it says. Im extremely satisfied with overall experience.

  96. Clift Norris

    This product really works! It tamed the jerky throttle response I had and made my bike much more ride-able. The quality of construction is excellent also.

  97. Phelps Holloway

    When I realized that I couldn’t get enough slack in the throttle cable and return cable by adjusting the barrel adjuster, and would have to work it out at the other end, where it joins at the throttle body, I decided to wait until the next time I had the tank off for other work and ‘kill two birds’. I don’t ride in traffic much, so it isn’t such a crucial issue in my case, but I am looking forward to enjoying the benefits that others have discussed.

  98. Shields

    Does what it says in a subtle way. I fitted the Throttle Tamer to my UK specification 2015 Ducati Scrambler. It smoothed-out the twist-grip operation and helped with the annoying occasional slight kick experienced when reapplying power coming out of corners. Small throttle maneuvering is also improved.

  99. HyperRant

    The throttle tamer is as advertised and reviewers comments are pretty much spot on! Installed it on my 2008 Hypermotard which runs a really aggressive throttle feel from start.
    The tamer smooths throttle from the start which makes it is easy for urban stop start traffic. The smoother throttle provides more confidence whilst in turns and also a smoother ride when cruising the highway.

    When you feel the need to really give it, you’ll just have to twist the throttle a little more and this is fairly acceptable.

    Great product and quality!!

    Happy customer.

  100. Tim

    Prompt delivery, good customer support. Reasonably easy installation on my 2015 Scrambler Icon. Used the 500 cam and I’m happy with the results. A little too much slack now in my throttle cable (outer limit of the specified range) even after maximum adjustment at the throttle cable housing, but there are other ways to address that. Overall, a very good product that has had a noticeable effect on my Scrambler’s throttle response.

  101. Randy

    Installed without any difficulty on my 2013 Aprilia Tuono V4R – much improved performance, seems to be even more effective than the wheelie control electronics.

  102. Mark O

    Fantastic improvement in low rpm throttle control. Y’all just saved me from spending $400 on a reflash for my 2014 Guzzi Griso. Bike is perfect now. Before you go spend your money on oxygen or temperature sensor foolers, try this. Thanks guys!

  103. Preston Blake

    The throttle tamer works ! It’s unfortunate that our fuel injected bikes are so touchy. My son and I found our Scramblers more difficult to handle slow speed offroad than desirable and the tamer made an improvement. G2 also turned out to be a great company to deal with. The original cam left some slack in the cable so they retooled it and sent me a new one no charge. G2…great company…great product.

    • G2 Ergonomics

      Thanks Preston! We’re happy to hear the new 600XX cam worked better. This will now be the cam included for all Ducati Scrambler Throttle Tamers. Best regards, Gary

  104. Andres

    I fitted one of these units to my ’11 XT 1200 and was pleasantly surprised at just the difference it has made in smoothing out the throttle response at low power settings. Well made, easy to fit, just perfect.

  105. Chris Ayotte

    I contacted G2 about a fit for my 2016 Versys 650, they told me to order the Yamaha FZ09. I checked rutmonkey.com and they had the correct tube at a discounted price so I pulled the trigger. It was easy to install, the only fit issue I encountered was that I couldn’t fully tighten the the throttle housing or the tube would not snap back properly, it would catch a little. I tightened the upper section firmly, and put thread tape on the lower screw and tightened it just enough to to allow the tube to snap back freely.

    I just got back from 180 mile loop and I’m really happy with the results, this tube smooths everything out, I’m sure my daily commute will be benefit the most.

    • G2 Ergonomics

      Hi Chris, that should not rub at all! The most common cause of this is the “tab” on the housing not centered in the locater hole in the handlebar. This causes the housing to bind when tightening and rub on the throttle. Please give that a try and call me so we can work this out. Thanks, Gary 815-535-3236

  106. Jon McFall

    Great product, well made, arrived quickly. My KTM Super Duke 990R is a very snatchy beast but the tamer, a good air box and some tuning has made it more enjoyable to ride. A PC5 and Autotune will probably be the next step in bringing this bike to the next level of smooth power delivery.

  107. Neal Walsh

    I purchased this tamer to replace the one I had put on my bike back in 2009 (different brand tamer) which got worn out. It feels good so far but since there really is no “taming” my 2009 Vmax I guess time will tell how it holds up.

  108. Mark Roberts

    Outstanding product. 2012 KTM 990 SMT. Love the bike. Very abrupt throttle response off idle. PwrCmndr V helped. This solved it. Great product. I will use again. Wish I had done it as the 1st mod.

  109. ian

    I was having trouble taming my 2016 Ducati Scrambler. The G2 throttle tube made a noticeable improvement. It cannot completely take out the EFI surge/dive, but I can relax more. The unit comes in 2 pieces. I put the “tube in the freezer” and warmed up the cam under hot water and they slipped together easily – the say not to use any grease, but the throttle cable does touch the aluminum cam so I used a little Teflon grease in that area only. Very well made product.

  110. Tim

    I purchased this for a burgman 650 which is notorious for low end throttle abruptness but unfortunately it didn’t make enough of a difference to justify the cost. This is a very well made product but I think it is going to require quite a bit more attention to detail from the engineers that built this bike to solve its low speed lack of manners.

  111. Paul

    Just received the G2 throttle tamer for my Ducati Scrambler. It’s really a beautiful piece of CNC machined aluminum – very professional! The cam [# 600XX] fits perfectly and very snug to tube. Going to mount it soon.
    Also it only took 8 calender days for shipping to the Netherlands, Europe – pretty fast.

  112. David

    Received order quickly and installs easily. The tamer appears to be very well made and solidly constructed. I installed it on my 2016 GSX-S1000 very easily, however there is a bit of side to side play as the G2 grip does not have the same ridges as the oem throttle tube to space the grips properly but does not seem to affect throttle performance.

  113. Rich

    Quality product that is shipped fast and installs easy. Really helped the ride on my 2016 Ducati Scrambler.

  114. Ted Heiman

    I jut got my Street Tamer Throttle installed on my 2007 Honda 919. The product appears to manufactured to high quality standards and installation was a snap. My 919 has a real itchy throttle especially when you need just a little kick getting through a turn. I had to be careful because it was all on or all off on my bike,no middle ground. With the Street Tamer Throttle I notice a significant improvement. It’s not perfect but definitely better than stock. Guys were very helpful when I called to get more info. If you have an itchy throttle this is the best way I have seen to smooth her out.

  115. Keulk

    Fitted on my KTM 990 SMT, works as expected, better control in the low revs, and still the full power for one full rotation. Really easy to fit on the bike. Gives you more control at low speeds.

  116. Michael Bennett

    Stock tamer (stock cam) for 2016 Honda VFR1200X, works great. Could be a little more tamed, but good enough.

  117. James Chance

    Perfect, fixed the jerky throttle of my Triumph Scrambler

  118. O.H.

    Great! Will be buying one for my other bike as well.

    Fitted to my 2015 V-Strom DL650A, made a huge difference, and made riding two up much smoother and easier. The bike should come from the factory like this!

    Thanks to G2 for making this product.

  119. Josh

    Installed on Ducati GT1000. Initial impression: workmanship is fantastic—the delrin inner and aluminum exterior are seamless and well made. In almost all ways I really like the progressive characteristics of the throttle. Snatchiness at low throttle inputs is eliminated. Following a line is easier in a corner because the incremental increases in throttle behavior is very predictable. I roll onto the gas earlier and harder in corners now, which is great. Only caveat: I wish the bulk of the power then came in a bit earlier than it does now. Somehow combining more of the quick-turn throttles with the progressive, slow-opening beginning. This is close to a perfect “best-of-both-worlds.” Almost. Installation is incredibly easy; adjust throttle cables is necessary.

  120. Jay

    Fixed the abrupt throttle on my 2014 Suzuki V-Strom. Works exactly as advertised and the build quality is outstanding. It’s a shame it’s covered up with the grip. Machined thing of beauty.

  121. Graham

    Worryingly expensive with the postage to the UK hence 4 stars, but its nicely made and it works. Fitting to my Kawasaki Versys 650 2016 was straightforward, I even used the 4 months ‘old’ grip. Washing up liquid helped it off and clear aerosol lacquer stuck it on. The bike is now a thing of fun as it should have been from the day I bought it. I am very surprised that the reviewers and the Japanese engineers did not pick up on this super sensitive throttle. It was miserable ordeal to ride slowly in town on wet commutes and narrow roads. Not anymore. I am very pleased with this product. The best mod I have done on the bike.

  122. Jose L Catalan

    I am very pleased with the tamer on my Ducati Scrambler. It fixed that abrup response that worried me at low speeds. Very easy to install thanks to the wonderful videos. It took 10 days to arrive at my place in Spain. You are great guys. Keep improving. Best wishes

  123. Jim Boeckl

    I put the KTM heated grips on my 690 with ultra-sticky hairspray and they work great. No apparent difference in temp on one side or the other.

    The Throttle Tamer took me a couple rides to adjust to, but it makes a big difference in softening the on-off switch effect of the FI. It gives the bike better manners and makes sliding on dirt roads more predictable, plus I really like the hit when I twist past the gentle part of the cam.

    I got one for the 690 because it worked nicely on my Multistrada 1100.

    Thanks for making it.

  124. Tom Coussens

    Best thing i’ve ever installed on a motorcycle. Got completely rid of the jerkyness of my MT09 (FZ09 in the USA).
    Installation took about 5 minutes, little bit of free-play adjustment was needed. Lovely machined bit of kit. The handling of the bike has totally changed, no more need to overanticipate extreme gasresponse. The motorcycle behaves like it was carburator-fed. Top tranformation with a Top-product

  125. Tim Barrett

    Fitted on my Ducati Scrambler without issue and fixed the overly sensitive throttle that I’d put up with for a while. Very quick delivery – I’m in Australia.

  126. DanH

    Quick delivery (to UK) and has softened up the low-end throttle response on my GSX-S1000F. For other GSX-S owners, just be aware, this WON’T fix the fuelling issue as a whole on this bike, but it does make the low-speed riding slightly more bearable… there does seem to be a great variance on these bikes as to how bad they are from the factory! Mine wasn’t all that bad, compared to others, I think.

    One thing I will say – the grip is slightly undersize for the R&G heated grips that I purchased, and the heated grip was quite loose on the replacement tamer, so it required a LOT of glue to take up the gap.

    All in all, great purchase

  127. Sonny

    A wonderful mod for the Kawasaki Versys 1000 — greatly reduces snatch and on/off throttle, makes shifting and fine speed control smoother and easier.

    When reassembling the throttle box, get the centering pin in the hole in the handlebar, then proceed from there.

    This is an excellent product.

  128. Gary W

    Installed on my GSX-S1000, it really helped the abrupt throttle. More controllable now. Hardest part of installation was getting the stock grip off since I was re-using it. Tip: never put glue on the GRIP when assembling, always just on the tube. (Scrapes off and runs between the tube and bar. D’oh!)

  129. J. Viana

    Perfect for Ducati Scrambler! It worthes the price (& taxes to Europe…). Fast delivery in perfect condition. No problem in applying by the Ducati Service. It is only noticeable where it’s made for: city streets, specially cobblestone, much smoother riding. Anywhere else you have the same performance on roads and highways. Ducati should provide this from factory.

  130. Luke

    I bought this for my 2017 Yamaha MT-09. The bike has decent fueling already, but has a sensitive throttle in STD and A mode. I installed this product quickly and easily without any prior experience. After installation the throttle cable needed to be tightened slightly, but after this was done I was extremely impressed with the throttle response. It’s still urgent in STD and A modes, without the rubber band feeling of B mode, but is now noticeably more controllable at slight throttle inputs around town and mid corner. It came with the 400 profile and I was initially worried that it might dull the throttle too much, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. I now leave the bike in STD mode as it is responsive and easily controllable at all speeds. This is a fantastic product with no downsides!

  131. Steve S.

    One of the best modification I made to my MV Augusta Brutale 910. Customer service was outstanding! Product is top notch!
    Performance amazing!

  132. Dave

    Good quality item that fits what it says and good service from G2.

  133. Scotty Brooker – New Zealand

    After riding my Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom for only a week or two, I contacted Sam at G2 and ordered a Tamer Throttle. Since fitting the Tamer riding the Vstrom is so much more enjoyable. You actually notice the difference right away. Taking off, exiting intersections, getting on the gas through a corner was massively smoother with way more control. It took the thinking out of opening the throttle. Highly recommended , for any big bike, especially fuel injected bikes. Makes riding my bike more fun

  134. Marlonium

    This is a long term review of the throttle tamer. Before I had the G2 tamer, I was terrified when caught out in the rain with my Ducati Monster 800. Especially in the corners. It was difficult modulating the throttle through corners so I’d just clutch it in until I’m exiting. The power just came on too easy even in the lower RPM’s. The G2 tamer allowed me to have smoother control and more confidence. My wife rides the Duc also and loves it now. After 4 years of having one installed on my bike, I’ve encountered zero issues. I remember the installation was very quick. Future toys will have a G2 tamer in it.

  135. Michael

    Work great, don’t hesitate!

  136. Dustin

    What a difference! Got it for my Kawasaki Vulcan S, which was pretty twitchy even with adjusting the throttle cable. The G2 was a cinch to install, and has made both shifting and rolling off the throttle so much smoother. Highly recommend it!

  137. Matt

    I had a minor issue fitting it. Support is immediate and excellent. Quickly resolved. The Tamer itself works exactly as promised. Initial throttle response is much easier to use, much easier to feed power in and modulate in turns. Much nicer for my occasional passenger as well. Now i need one for my FI dirt bike.

  138. Shawn

    Added this to my 2015 Vulcan S. It made a world of difference. The install was simple and took almost no time. Very smooth throttle response now. Would recommend to anyone that is thinking of getting this.

  139. Matt

    Put on my 2015 fz09. Road the bike for 5,000 miles stock and I hated the throttle response. Very twitchy and jerky and the bike has far to much power to have that problem.

    The throttle tamer instantly transformed the bike. Makes it feel like a 600cc sport bike in the street as far as the torque goes. Makes riding the canyons a lot more confident too! Even launching from a stop light….just everything got better. I am putting another one on my xr400 supermoto!!!!!!

  140. Mario

    This is a well made quality product that does what it says on the tin.

  141. Mark B

    Fitted to my Ducati Scrambler Classic the difference was immediate more control at low speed. no lurching forward over potholes etc, totally made my riding experience more enjoyable and safer, very happy with the purchase and would recommend to Ducati Scrambler owners.

  142. b_activ

    The G2 street tamer for my 2009 Suzuki Burgman 650 executive arrived here yesterday (Belgium), took 12days, execellent tracking via USPS by the way.
    I installed it yesterday evening, that took longer than I thought but hey patience and a few cans of beer solved the problem ?
    Time for a testdrive & YEP problem completely solved! No more nervous “on/off” respons of the throttle at corners etc, nice & smooth as it should be from factory build…
    In my opinion also safer!

    With the standard setup my wife’s helmet sometimes knocked against mine when I released the throttle due to the nervous reaction of the throttle, new duo testdrive tomorrow ?
    Greetings from a happy Belgian Burgman driver and his duo ?

  143. Antonio Brame

    I put this throttle tamer on my 2005 R6 stuntbike, this throttle smoothed out the extremely twitchy throttle response. Worked perfect! Met my needs perfectly!

  144. James Cox

    One of the best accessories I have ever purchased. Eliminates all negative effects of on-off throttle, and greatly improves low speed control. I wish I had heard of this years ago. I didn’t like the Domino foam grips, tho, too small diameter and didn’t really absorb much vibes.

  145. G2 Ergonomics

    Ordered a G2 Ergonomics Throttle Tamer for my Honda VFR800 Interceptor on Monday, afternoon, 6/18/18. Package arrived Thursday morning, 6/21/18. Super Service. Installation was simple and fast. Two test rides later on ascending and descending steep, twisty canyon and mountain roads, and every bad, bumpy, rutted road I could find, and I’m blown away. Superb Product! Bike rides slower and yet faster, more aggressive and yet safer because of the throttle control.

    I lack the engineering expertise to adequately describe or quantify the improvements I felt and why they occurred. Simply, it felt like I had greater control of the engine at small throttle openings / RPM’s–and this resulted in greater suspension stability, greater tire traction, and greater general comfort and pure fun. The bike operated in a much safer manner! (A Tamer manner?)

    It feels like I now control the bike. Thanks!

    L. Steven Hattendorf

  146. Alfred hediger

    I own a triumph sprint st 1050 which has very snatchy throttle especially on slow speed 1st or second gear corners. It would snap open and make the bike virtually uncontrollable making it hard to modulate for smooth transition always having to anticipate the surge of power.

    Installed the throttle tamer and it has virtually taken all but the very slightest bit left of throttle snatch out and made the bike so easy to control without the need to think about if it will take of.

    Fantastic product that does so much for a small outlay. Enjoying the ride thanks to the throttle tamer.

    Would not hesitate to buy again or recommend. Awesome.

  147. Evan

    Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is the wrong throttle cam was sent the first time. They sent the correct cam, but didn’t give me any shipping information, or tell me it was shipped. Also, I had to figure out how to swap the cams without damaging the aluminum. The product, once the correct one was installed, worked great. Calmed my on-off throttle on a 2002 Speed Triple.

  148. Mitch

    Excellent product. I installed on a 2016 Africa Twin. Did exactly as promised. Smoothed out the low end very nicely. Install was quick and easy. I’m a fan.

  149. Charlie F.

    Just thought I’d pass along my thoughts to your company. I have three bikes and I now have 3 g2 throttle tamers after my latest purchase for my 2016 Suzuki GXS1000F. My FZ-09 was very twitch and your tamer took about 50% away without a reflash. I was so impressed that I purchased one for my 2006 Triumph Sprint ST which really didn’t need one but is now the better for it. I recently had my Suzuki reflashed which cleared up about 95% of the throttle issues and decided to install a g2 tamer to take it to the next level. I was amazed when I took the bike out for a test ride. The throttle is now totally silky smooth.
    Love your product an you have made my time aboard all of my bikes much more enjoyable.
    Thank You,

  150. G2 Ergonomics

    Just to let you know the throttle tamer arrived today and I have fitted it no problem. Works very well takes away the abrupt engine braking and smooths out the gear change from 1st to 2nd which was a bit fierce. Made the Z900 RS even better!
    Kind regards,
    Richard Chamberlain

  151. Bob Beese

    Street Tamer fitted to GSX-S 1000. Hasn’t elliminated twitchiness but very much reduced. Well worth fitting, thank you.


    just fitted the G2 tamer to a VTR SP1 /RC51 and what a difference absolutely incredible ride.smoothed out every jitter at low revs.feels more like a carbureted 4 cylinder bike than a race bred v twin.so enjoyable at low revs now ,these bikes don’t get the nick name of pig for nothing.will be passing on my gleaming recommendations on to RC51/VTR SP1/SP2 groups.thank you so much
    regards NIGEL.B

  153. Jack B.

    Put this on an Africa Twin at the recommendation of others to smooth the abrupt power delivery when riding off road. really nice unit, easy to install and it makes the throttle response very predictble

  154. Jason

    To be honest I was sceptical about this but thought I’d try one on my 2011 Triumph Speed Triple. I have to give this a big thumbs up it’s transformed the feel of my bike thanks guys

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