The MONGO Handguard Mount

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The strongest most adjustable inner mount ever.  Works on most late model Japanese Models. Will NOT work on KTM, Husaberg, or Husqvarna.

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The G2 Mongo Handguard Mount is another great solution for off-road riders.  The standard handguard has a clamp that attaches to the handlebar between the crossbar and triple clamp handlebar clamp on 7/8” handlebars, or on the tapered section of Taper style handlebars.  This standard system is barely adequate in strength and has very limited adjustabillity.  G2 designed the Mongo Handguard Mount specifically for past GNCC Champion Paul Whibley and is still used by Team AmPro Yamaha!

Adjustable Handguard Mount

The Mongo Handguard Mount smokes the competition in strength.  By attaching the mount to the two fork pinch bolts on the top triple clamp, you now have a fixed inner position that prevents the handguard from rotating up or down in crash situations.  The mount is machined from 6061 aluminum of two pieces (each side) held together by precision machined shoulder bolts.  Simply awesome!

Another huge benefit of the Mongo Handguard Clamp is it’s adjustabillity.  Each side consists of two pieces.  These pieces can be assembled in 12 possible combinations to properly mount your handguards to almost any bend/length/rise/sweep of handlebar.  In addition, the top piece

of the clamp swivels to match any handguard angle, and the slotted bottom section allows approx. 1/2” of up or down positioning!

The third major benefit of the Mongo handguard Mount is the “clevis” style attachment feature.  The handguard is not simply bolted to the Mongo in a fixed position.  Rather, it is cradled securely in the Mongo clevis with a precision machined shoulder bolts.  This allows the handlebar to flex as it was designed, which transmits less shock and vibration to your hands!  The Mongo fits up to most enduro style handguards, but it works best with the G2 Competition Handguards.  For the most secure mounting solution, check out our Threaded Handguard Mounts to mount your guards just as securely to the handlebar ends – these mounts are far better than wedge style mounts – and they will not vibrate loose!

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

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4 reviews for The MONGO Handguard Mount

  1. Justin Mack

    The first handguard mount I have purchase that works great! I have a bin full of different handguard mounts I have used in the past and this one is the best. I currently have Cycra probend handguards and these mounts work perfectly with them. I also use the G2 threaded handlebar inserts. The two G2 products should be a must for any serious woods rider.

  2. Kendall

    I used to be a user of Cycra products which would flap up and hit your hand if you drop the bike on the ground but thanks to the MONGO mount i no longer have that problem. Worth the money!

  3. jason Loew

    These mounts worked perfectly on my 2009 YZ450f with Cycra wrap-arounds. Excellent quality, fit and finish. Makes removing hand guards very easy as there is no binding when everything is installed. These mounts look great and will solve any fit up problems you might have with hand guard installations.

  4. Keith Robinson

    I love my G2 hand guards and these Mongo Mounts make them just that much better. I hate the bars mounted type mounting systems. They never stay in place and get knocked out position too easily. Clamp mounts keep the guards in place but don’t allow fat bars or flex systems to do their job. These Mongo mounts allow the flex bars and systems to still do their job, but with the rigidity of a more solid clamp mount. Mounting is super clean and easy. Nobody makes a better handguard system than the G2 guards with the Mongo Mounts.

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