Whibley Ramping up for the 2013 OMA GNCC Season

Cam Smith asked if I was up for a trip to The Farm for their annual event. It’s a long drive from the Manawatu but it was worth the time spent on the road. An unusual format over the two days of racing kept everyone on their toes and the challenging layout of the tracks ensured we all got our money’s worth. Day one was the Crazy Cross, basically an EX track combined with a super fun MX track and some XC sections. A clean sweep of the qualify races saw me safely into the final. From the dead engine start I holeshot and lead the charge down the hill into the EX track. Jumping the firewood pit and then the tire pit opened a gap quickly. The MX section had dried a lot but the fun factor was still there with some nice jumps. After completing the XC section we came back to complete the rest of the EX track. Crossing the tires through the creek and through the rock pile led to the finish just in front of the slab wood doubles.

After 4 laps I took the checkers with Chris Power not too far behind on his WR 450, with Mitchel Nield hot on his heels. Day 2 involved a 20 odd km lap taking around 45 min to complete. 6 individually timed laps was the race duration with a set window of time to complete the laps. It was a tough day hauling the YZ 450 through the rooty, bush dominated track. I used first gear more than I ever have in my life. After completing the first lap I modified my set up to better suit the course. Swapping out my 100 G2 throttle cam for the much smoother 300 G2 cam. The improvement was huge and my second lap was a lot faster.

Over the next couple of laps I laid down the fastest lap of the day to claim that prize along with some consistent laps to keep me in front of the overall classification. A lot of fun but next time I will take a YZ 250 to this race with super plush suspension and a Rekluse EXP clutch. 1st: Paul Whibley 2nd: Mitchell Nield 3rd: Phillip Cheater

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