Swapping Cams - How G2 Throttles Work

G2 Ergonomics throttles allow you to interchange or swap cams based on riding conditions and rider skill levels. Using only one throttle housing, you can change cams for quicker turn or more control.

G2 Quick Turn for Street Bikes

The G2 Street Quick Turn. The quick turn for street bikes is meant for competition use only. The larger sized throttle cam allow you to achieve full throttle quicker.

G2 Throttle Tamer for Street Bikes

The G2 Throttle Tamer for Street Bikes. The street tamer eliminates jerky throttle response that are common on street bikes. The progressive ratio of the cam improves control from zero to 1/2 then ramps to stock ratio.

G2 Quick Turn for Dirt Bikes

Quick Turn Throttle by G2 Ergonomics. This video shows you a side by side between a stock throttle that cam with your bike, and the G2 Quick Turn. The quick turn throttle allows you to achieve full throttle with less turn.

G2 Dirt Throttle Tamer

G2 Tamer for dirt bikes. The G2 Dirt Tamer is a progressive ratio throttle that improves control of the motorcycle.

G2 Throttle Tamer for Metric Cruisers

The G2 Metric Tamer. The metric tamer is designed specifically for metric motorcycles. The unique shaped design of the throttle eliminates throttle snatch and gives you a smooth natural progression of speed while riding.

Harley Quarter Turn Throttle by G2

The G2 Harley Quarter Turn requires less turn to reach full throttle thus eliminating the need for re-gripping while passing other motorists.

G2 Throttle Cam System

The G2 Throttle Cam System is the original progressive radioed cam system designed by G2 Ergonomics. Included with the system is 3 different sized cams which you can swap on and off based on riding conditions or rider skill levels.