G2 Threaded Handguard Mounts

The G2 Threaded Handguard Mounts provide a strong outer handguard mount that stays put! Conventional handguard outer mounts (securing handguard to handlebar end) have never really done the job. The old school bolt-nut-rubber hose solution simply does not provide the strength necessary. One slow speed tip-over and your guards can move substantially. The more current aluminum split-wedge design is very strong, but vibration will loosen them very quickly. The bolt need only loosen about 1/8 turn and the wedges lose all strength and the handguard “pops out”!

The G2 Threaded Handguard Mounts are a twist on an old Enduro rider solution from the early 80’s. By tapping the inside of the handlebar, a threaded piece can be inserted to securely bolt the handguard to the handlebar end. All previous solutions involved steel which can corrode to the bolt and cause long term problems. The G2 Threaded Handguard Mount is made from a high-strength nylon material. The nylon is tapped in such a way that it acts like a lock-nut – your handguard bolts will never vibrate loose! In addition, nylon has better vibration absorption qualities that steel or aluminum.

G2 Threaded Handguard Mounts are used by more professional off-road athletes than ALL other threaded handguard mount brands combined!

For Renthal Twinwall handlebars ONLY, a 11/16×16 tap is needed for installation. Please choose “yes, include tap” if you need one.

For all other aluminum handlebars, a 5/8×11 tap is needed. If you choose “yes, include tap”, a handy tapping guide is included to insure easy, straight alignment with your handlebar.

Check out our INSTALLATIONS page for a video showing how to install the G2 Threaded Handguard Mounts.

Product Highlights

  • Sold with or without tap.
  • One size fits Renthal Twinwall handlebars, the second size fits all other aluminum handlebars.
  • Securely mounts G2 and all aluminum enduro-style handguards.
  • Detailed instructions outline simple installation.
Weight .2 lbs

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  1. Kevin Fuller (Verified Purchase)

    Awesome product, first thing I do for my new bikes. Guards won’t move unless I want them to.

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  2. Nigel (Verified Purchase)

    Great product. Easy to install and they do their job very well.

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  3. Dave (Verified Purchase)

    quality product easy to install. very solid mount. no worries about them coming loose.

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  4. michael (Verified Purchase)

    Great design, performs as advertised. Easy installation. This will be on my list of first mods for all future bikes.

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  5. Wyatt Barnett (Verified Purchase)

    Great upgrade from regular steel inserts! Never come loose!

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  6. Blake (Verified Purchase)

    The devil is always in the details. Products like these are an affordable and very effective means to make your bike work just t a little better. I lost the bar-end hardware that came with my hand guards out on the trail. I therefore had to ride home with a lose hand guard, which sucked. I am very thankful for this product and I recommend it to all my riding buddies.

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  7. Darren (Verified Purchase)

    I can’t believe I have been racing for years without G2 nylon threaded bar end mounts. Multiple tip-overs and a good crash and they have not moved one bit! Great product!

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  8. Jeff Tippett (Verified Purchase)

    Easy to install. I bought the tap. I took my time and had no problem. My hand guards are very secure.

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  9. Kyle (Verified Purchase)

    Great product. Easy to install, makes busters rock solid.

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  10. Travis (Verified Purchase)

    These are a must on all my bikes now. Threading may take some time but it is worth it. Makes removing your hand guards for MX a lot quicker and easier. Guards stay tighter longer.

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  11. Scott (Verified Purchase)

    Excellent product, won’t race without them!!!! My probends don’t move any more not matter how hard you hit the ground.

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  12. Rob (Verified Purchase)

    Great product for keeping those hanguards firmly in place!

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  13. Chris Smith (Verified Purchase)

    Big upgrade for any bike, really nice to get rid of the wedges that are troublesome to tighten and come loose with impact. With these inserts, your handguards will never come loose.

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  14. Tom (Verified Purchase)

    This product is one of those things that make you say “why didn’t I think of that?”.
    Simple , easily installed, and works as advertised.
    Can’t really ask for much more

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  15. Nick (Verified Purchase)

    Best invention for handguards. Will never put handguards on my bike again without these

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  16. Justin Mack (Verified Purchase)

    I now have the G2 Threaded bar end mounts in all my bikes. Simple, easy and the best solution.

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  17. Stephen (Verified Purchase)

    Great products

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  18. Scott (Verified Purchase)

    I finally bought these on a friends recommendation. They are awesome, easy to install and my hand guards are rock solid. They will be on every bike I own in the future.

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  19. Harpinc (Verified Purchase)

    Should’ve gotten these along time ago. Top quality and they ensure the guards won’t move.

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  20. Art (Verified Purchase)

    This product is a great solution for bar-end mounting problems. They are super strong and allow easy remove/replacement of the Barkbusters for grip maintenance. Brilliant marketing to sell the product with or, without the Tap!

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  21. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    Another great idea from G2! We got these with our first set of G2 handguards and were not disappointed. They really do work. They give the hand guards a rock solid mount that can take some serious abuse that the Minnesota woods can dish out. These go on all of our race bikes now.

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  22. Michael (Verified Purchase)

    Another great idea from G2! We got these with our first set of G2 handguards and were not disappointed. They really do work. They give the hand guards a rock solid mount that can take some serious abuse that the Minnesota woods can dish out. These go on all of our race bikes now.

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  23. Adam (Verified Purchase)

    Nothing worse than crashing and having aluminum handguards spin or pull out of bar end. This product prevents that problem and also makes basic maintenance with regards to removing handguards and putting them back on quicker. Watch the Youtube installation video for tips on how to ensure the nylon locks into bar well. I use them on Twinwall bars and no issues.

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  24. Dave

    I install these on every dirt bike that I own. No complaints & they make riding less stressful. Nothing like a loose or lost handguard on the trail. Thanks again G2 !!

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  25. Nick Steggall

    These things are awesome. Watch the video, buy the tapping tool, and take your time. No complaints.

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  26. Chris K (Verified Purchase)

    Perfect. Easy to install and rock solid for usinging bark buster type hand guards. No more slipping and feels like there a little less vibration using nylon

    a drop of oil while tapping cuts easier and use shop vac to suck files from bar while tapping.

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  27. Alan G (Verified Purchase)

    best way to secure hand guards

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  28. G (Verified Purchase)

    Simple to install

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  29. Roman Kilgore (Verified Purchase)

    If you are looking for a true way to stop your hand guards from moving when you have a get off this is the key to making that happen. There is nothing more frustrating than tagging a tree or going down in a race and having your controls and hand guards not in the correct position when you get yourself and your bike back up off the ground. These are simple to install and you know when you buy from G2 you are getting the best quality and materials out on the market.

    Industry 13 Racing

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  30. Adam (Verified Purchase)

    Simple to install and a great product. Best way to mount hand guards.

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  31. Don Maurer (Verified Purchase)

    This is the only way to go unless you don’t mind dealing with the friction bits failing and allowing your bark busters to spin out of control.
    Yes, it’s some work to tap the ends of the bars, get over it. These inserts work, it’s going to take some time, just do it.
    Yes, they cost. …Still worth it.
    No, I don’t need a discount for writing this review. 20% isn’t worth keeping up with.
    Thanks anyway,

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  32. Torey (Verified Purchase)

    Simple design easy to thread and work real well

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  33. Dave J. (Verified Purchase)

    How come nobody thought of this before? Should be standard on all bikes.

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  34. Jeremy (Verified Purchase)

    These inserts have worked great. I bought them along with the G2 competition handguards & handshields. The system is rock solid. Installation was easy. With that said, tapping the bar ends took a little longer than I expected. Take your time & use plenty of lube. (I know…right?) These will be going in all future handlebars.

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  35. Billd (Verified Purchase)

    I had the tap. no prob with install. nylon barends worked fine!

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  36. Jay Sutton (Verified Purchase)

    usNew Jersey, United States

    Great product!

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  37. Jay Sutton (Verified Purchase)

    usNew Jersey, United States

    Great product!

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  38. kelly (Verified Purchase)

    usUnited States


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  39. WILLIAM ANDERSON (Verified Purchase)

    Appear will built and were easy to install.

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  40. Jim H. (Verified Purchase)

    usNorth Carolina, United States

    G2 told me to get the inserts for Renthal twin wall and worked perfect on my new YX 250FX

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  41. Trevor HULIN (Verified Purchase)

    usLouisiana, United States

    Awesome products

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  42. Luke E. (Verified Purchase)

    usUnited States

    good idea

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  43. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    usUnited States

    easy install great fit good price great customer

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  44. Chris (Verified Purchase)

    Easy install

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  45. Luke N. (Verified Purchase)

    Great way to mount the handguards, however I had the hardest time trying to tap the ends of my pro taper contour bars. Maybe the kit isn’t meant for those bars but I eventually got it. It took a long time and a 1/2″ breaker bar to work that tap in. Either way, they won’t move now.

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  46. Anonymous (Verified Purchase)

    Extremely sturdy mounting

    Image #1 from Anonymous
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  47. Mark G. (Verified Purchase)

    Great product, great customer service! Would recommend to anyone who crashes a lot like I do!

    Image #1 from Mark G.
    Image #2 from Mark G.
    Image #3 from Mark G.
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  48. Cris (Verified Purchase)

    Can’t believe nylon can be so strong.

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  49. Matt Currie (Verified Purchase)

    That work great. A little labor intensive to thread the bar but no more popping out and moving and no more mud in between

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    • G2 Ergonomics (store manager)

      Hi Matt, Thanks for the feedback. We agree, and will be offering a “tap guide” with these kits starting in November. Please give Marty a call at 815-778-0468 and he will get one sent out to you. Thanks!

  50. Brandon (Verified Purchase)

    These seem to hold tighter than the aluminum ones IMO.

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  51. Darren Fesco (Verified Purchase)

    Threaded bar end mounts are a real game changer! I bash my hand guards off of everything, in a hard enduro setting, and they never move. Far superior to the archaic collet style mounts of the past.

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  52. barry k. (Verified Purchase)

    fit nicely .

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  53. Rolf Sullivan (Verified Purchase)

    Very stout. Nice that the tap is included. Take your time tapping, use lube.

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  54. stephen B. (Verified Purchase)

    These seem to work quite well. The handguards will move a bit if you take a fall but you have to try pretty hard! The plastic does seem to hold remove some vibration and goes in nicely. The included tap guide works great to keep the tap aligned. It is hard work though so take your time and keep it well lubricated. I kept the handlebar installed on the bike. This allows the clamps to hold it without damage or scratching the handlebar.

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  55. TIMOTHY N ADAMS (Verified Purchase)

    The best option for mounting handguards

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  56. Aaron S. (Verified Purchase)

    Made the bark busters sturdy and easy to use!

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  57. Cory (Verified Purchase)

    usTexas, United States

    Worked perfect, I watched the installation video which I recommend.

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