G2 Throttle Kit Replacement cables for Kawasaki

Replacement cables for your G2 Single Cable & Quick Turn Pro Throttle Kit!

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G2 Throttle Kit Replacement Cables for Kawasaki

G2 cut no corners in the development of our X1000 Series
Throttle Cables for Kawasaki.  The inner wire, or free cable, is strong 304
stainless steel in a 7×7 wire winding.  This
wire is coated with ultra-slick and durable Teflon keeping your throttle
friction coefficient as low as possible! 
The black cable “sheath” has a an outer PVC material with an inner slippery,
yet durable, HDPE tube to help the inner cable slide friction free.

The G2 Throttle Kit Replacement Cables for Kawasaki do not work with stock throttle housings or
controllers.  It is developed to work
with G2 Single Cable and Quick Turn Pro Throttle Kits.


For Kawasaki models,
we have two cable length options:

FRONT HANDLEBAR ROUTE – This is the stock Kawasaki route where the cable is in front of the
handlebar, or between the handlebar and number plate/headlight.  The cable will be approximately the same
length as stock.



The G2 Throttle Kit Replacement Cables for Kawasaki FEATURES


  • Stick, virtually
    friction free Teflon coated wire with HDPE inner tube


  • Strong, 304 stainless
    steel inner wire with 7×7 strand winding!

  • Tough PVC outer sheath
    repels the elements!

  • Nickel plated threaded connector
    and adjuster resists corrosion.>


  • Developed to convert
    your model to a superior G2 Single Cable or Quick Turn Pro Throttle Kit for
    your Kawasaki!  li>


  • Installs in
Weight .2 lbs



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