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    G2 / Domino Throttle Conversion Kit for Husqvarna 85 ('18 - '22)

    G2 / Domino Throttle Conversion Kit – KTM

    The cleanest 1 cable converstion kit for KTM on the market! Ditch the stock silver throttle with two cables for the far superior Domino/G2 Ergonomics system!

    G2 1 Cable Throttle Conversion Kit for Husqvarna 4 stroke FC 250/350/450

    G2 Quick Turn Throttle System w/cable – Husqvarna

    The ONLY 2 Stroke Quick Turn System for Husqvarna on the market! Includes throttle housing, throttle tube and cam.

    G2 Throttle Cam System for SWM

    G2 Throttle Cam System – Husqvarna

    Adjust throttle control on your Husqvarna motorcycle when changing track or trail conditions. Included are 3 cams for different terrain.

    G2 Dirt Throttle Tamer for KTM Freeride 250 2 Stroke (all)

    G2 Dirt Throttle Tamer – Husqvarna

    Get Control! Smoother power delivery with the G2 Throttle Tamer Tube for Husqvarna. Progressive shaped throttle provides better control in technical situations. Faster cornering – more traction – better confidence in gnarly conditions!

    G2 "Stock Ratio" Throttle Tube for KTM 4 stroke 250/350/450XC-F

    G2 “Stock Ratio” Throttle Tube – Husqvarna

    Replace your stock Husqvarna plastic throttle tube with USA-machined aluminum and Delrin bushings.

  • G2 Dirt Bike Cams for KTM Model 85 ('18 - '19)

    G2 Dirt Bike Cams for Husqvarna

    Interchangeable G2 Cams for Husqvarna. For newer models with silver housing, all cams are black or white machined Delrin. Some of the white Delrin 200/300/400 “control” cams appear circular from the side, but each has a unique channel that gives the same progressive shape ratio as our other aluminum cams.