G2 Throttle Tamer Tube for KTM

The G2 Throttle Tamer for KTM is designed to help YOU become a better dirt bike rider! How? It uses a “progressive” (non-circular) ratio between throttle grip rotation and power delivery. By changing the shape of the pulley, or “cam”, the Throttle Tamer gives you a huge improvement in control!

Each Throttle Tamer’s progressive shape is proven to be the best all-round solution for each model. For most models, the cam size begins about 20% smaller that stock, then it ramps up to the stock size by about one-half throttle.

The Throttle Tamer’s 20% smaller size requires slightly more rotation at first. This slightly longer pull makes a HUGE difference in control! As the power is rolled on, you will find it far easier to modulate dirt traction. The cam size increases, or ramps up, after ½ throttle to keep overall rotation near stock rotation. Whether your goals are faster cornering, less wheelspin or more finesse on those goat trails, the G2 Throttle Tamer will improve your ability to control the throttle!

For 2 cable dirt bike models (4 strokes or 2 stroke EFI), the cam appears circular from the side. However, if you look closely you will see a channel machined into the cam, This channel has our progressive “tamer” shape. Utilizing a channel provides all the control while keeping the cable positioned properly.

Using handguards?  No problem with the G2 Throttle Tamer Tube!  The end cap is removeable and allows easy handguard installation. The knurled area allows for solid grip adhesion.  Just install a good quality grip (we highly recommend Domino Grips) and you’re good to go!

Product Highlights

  • Machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA!
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Progressive ratio is our best recommended shape for each dirt bike’s power characteristics.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Slide one of our Domino Grips (sold separately) or your grip unto the included throttle tamer tube.
  • Removable end cap eliminates the need to cut the end of the throttle tube when using dirt bike handguards
  • Installs in minutes!
Weight .2 lbs

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  1. Justin MacNeil

    The throttle tamer was a game changer in the woods, and the build quality is fantastic. Install was less than 15 minutes with full wrap hand guards.

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  2. Anonymous

    Great product. We’ll engineered and manufactured. It performs great-as expected from G2.

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  3. Joe

    Great product!!

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  4. Lance

    Solved my crunchy throttle problems

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  5. Andres M.

    Great value. Smoothed out the jerky 0-1/4 throttle.

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  6. Kris Wilson

    Easy install and great results. Made the bike smoother on and off throttle. Still keep all the juice but make things more silky.

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  7. Peter

    Looking forward to install and ripping the trails

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  8. Joseph kovaly

    Exactly what I needed to help calm the sx beast

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  9. Simon Andrews

    Great product. Great quality. Does exactly what it promises to do.

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  10. David

    Works like a charm. Went from a real twitchy throttle to nice and smooth control. Should have done this sooner.

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  11. Kurt T.

    Smooth measured throttle control is a key to technical Hard Enduro riding and the G2 Throttle Tamer performs perfectly.

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  12. Earl Schnell

    Used these for years. Great product.

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  13. Paul Smith

    Mandatory for technical trail riding!

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  14. Stephen G.

    Smoothed out the throttle response for woods riding.

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  15. Kris S.

    More then satisfied. The throttle tamer made a huge difference in the jerkiness of the throttle at lower speeds and RPMs.

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    Fast service and works great

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  17. Johnathan Ward

    The product made my 350 exc-f manageable in tight woods.

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  18. Shawn

    Throttle tamer worked excellent on my 250sx ktm, I highly recommend it for woods/trail riding.

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  19. Cameron B.

    Outstanding. Definitely a 5+ Star Product. I enjoy riding mostly tight single trail, not hard enduro but some challenging bits, and I would say if I crashed, 9 times out of 10 it was because I was tired and my throttle/clutch control suffered. The G2 Dirt tamer helped IMMEDIATELY (I’ll still train and practice good throttle/clutch control, but this improvement was instant). The G2 Dirt Tamer still allows me to pop the front wheel if I want to, but makes the lower rev, 1st or 2nd gear crawl up tricky bits instantly more controllable. Fantastic piece of kit and if you have a 350 or higher enduro bike and are looking to get better control in the tight or slippery stuff, you should definitely try this product. Thanks Gary and the team at G2

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  20. Mike Osborne

    I’ve used these in my last five bikes. Gas Gas and KTM two stroke and four strokes. It’s my first mod on any bike I buy. The dirt tamer just works. Get one.

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  21. Ivan

    Friend who told me about them said he won’t ride a bike without them. Now I know why. Really smooths the power delivery in the technical stuff on my Ktm 250xc.

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  22. Jonathan H.

    This is a great modification for my KTM 990 Adventure. Easy to install and provides a level throttle response at the low end.

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  23. Hubert Stubbs

    It works great, but installation was a bit tedious. I had to Dremel away quite a bit of material from my stock throttle housing. (Ô16 Ktm xc 250) The cam on the G2 sits well below the point where you can attach the throttle cable to it. But itÕs on there now and my modifications wonÕt effect anything if I were to put the stock tube back on there. Glad I bought it.

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  24. Hubert Stubbs

    It works great, but installation was a bit tedious. I had to Dremel away quite a bit of material from my stock throttle housing. (Ô16 Ktm xc 250) The cam on the G2 sits well below the point where you can attach the throttle cable to it. But itÕs on there now and my modifications wonÕt effect anything if I were to put the stock tube back on there. Glad I bought it.

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  25. RJ

    So far so good. It was easy to set up. The only issue I had was trying to keep glue out of the bushing at the end of the throttle tube when installing new grips. Someone (G2?) should make a lock on grip that fits throttle tubes so we don’t have to use messy glue on ones!

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  26. Ryan

    Works killer and the install was pretty easy.

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  27. mike sudnikovich

    Have used throttle cams on my KTM 300 and dual sport bikes in the past. I have been snow biking for over 9 years and as I get older (73) I find my response on the throttle coming out of deep tree wells is a bit jerky. The Throttle Tamer is a big help plus, when needed, it doesn’t hinder the full throttle response time.

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  28. Dan S.

    Throttle tamer works as stated. Has saved my bacon multiple times!

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  29. Alfred W.

    Great quality product, really increases control and confidence for an old guy like me

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  30. James H.

    Turns smooth. Now my wife rides my 350xcf.

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  31. Tom M.

    The G2 throttle tamer delivered exactly what I was looking for, much finer throttle control in the 0 to _ throttle range. It is perfect for slow technical riding.

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  32. CRAIG

    The Throttle Tamer works great on my KTM 300 XC. The Tamer makes the tight stuff so much more fun.

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  33. James Cook (Verified Purchase)

    Made my 2013 KTM XCF more predictable and controllable in tight woods riding. Was considering reprogramming ECU but this did the trick.

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  34. RICHARD CASTELLANOS (Verified Purchase)

    Bought the throttle tamer for my sons ktm 200xc. He was struggling on tight, rocky single track. He claims that he can’t tell a difference with the throttle tamer but I can tell how much better he has ridden since it was installed. It was not a huge change in the throttle action but it was just enough to help with his twitchy stock throttle. Excellent quality also.

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  35. Ivan Forrester (Verified Purchase)

    I had one of these on my old bike. After riding my new KTM 250 xcw tpi for about a month I was trying to figure out why I liked the power delivery on my older bike better. Bingo, I put a G2 throttle tamer on it and am happy again.

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