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G2 Dirt Throttle Tamer for Honda

Get Control! Smoother power delivery with the G2 Throttle Tamer Tube for Honda CR and XR models. Progressive shaped throttle provides better control in technical situations. Faster cornering – more traction – better confidence in gnarly conditions!

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G2 Throttle Tamer Tube for Honda

The G2 Throttle Tamer for Honda Enduro & Trials motorcycles is designed to help YOU become a better rider! How? It uses a “progressive” (non-circular) ratio between throttle grip rotation and power delivery. By changing the shape of the pulley, or “cam”, the Throttle Tamer gives you a huge improvement in control! This is the exact throttle used by Phoenix Honda’s GNCC Team when things get nasty!

Each Honda Throttle Tamer’s progressive shape is proven to be the best all-round solution for each model. For most models, the cam size begins about 20% smaller than stock, then it ramps up to the stock size by about one-half throttle.

The Throttle Tamer’s 20% smaller size requires slightly more rotation at first. This slightly longer pull makes a HUGE difference in control! As the power is rolled on, you will find it far easier to modulate traction. The cam size increases, or ramps up, after ½ throttle to keep overall rotation near stock rotation. Whether your goals are faster cornering, less wheelspin or more finesse on those goat trails, the G2 Throttle Tamer for Honda will improve your ability to control the throttle!

For 2 cable models (4 strokes or 2 stroke EFI), the cam appears circular from the side. However, if you look closely you will see a channel machined into the cam. This channel has our progressive “tamer” shape. Utilizing a channel provides all the control while keeping the cable positioned properly.

Are Delrin bushings better than ball bearings?

Ball bearing equipped throttle tubes seem like a great idea. Once installed and you’re twisting the throttle (with the bike on a stand and the engine off) it sure feels sweet! But give it a “real world test”. While you’re sitting on the bike, apply a bit of downward pressure on the grip as you turn. You will immediately feel the aluminum tube contact the handlebar. With G2 Throttles, the Delrin bushings prevent this completely! Push down all you want! In addition, ball bearings require constant maintenance, or the bearing will corrode and ultimately seize. Not so with our Delrin bushing equipped throttle tubes!

Using handguards? No problem with the G2 Throttle Tamer Tube for Honda! The end cap is removeable and allows easy handguard installation. The knurled area allows for solid grip adhesion. Just install a good quality grip (we highly recommend Domino Grips) and you’re good to go!

G2 Throttle Tamer Tube for Honda

  • Machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA!
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Progressive ratio is our best recommended shape for each machine’s power characteristics.
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables.
  • Slide one of our Domino Grips (sold separately) or your grip unto the included throttle tamer tube.
  • Removable end cap eliminates the need to cut the end of the throttle tube when using dirt bike handguards
  • Installs in minutes!

217 reviews for G2 Dirt Throttle Tamer for Honda

  1. Michelle M.

    It transformed the fueling on my CRF450L from snappy to smooth. No more stalls as well. Wish I would of tried this before I spent $1k on a Vortex ECU

  2. Trent Johnston

    Love it!

  3. David

    Best throttle tube for bar buster hand guards… smooth operation… i have them on both of my bikes

  4. Bryan H.

    Love the way my throttle works now. The on/off feeling is completely gone. This is how the bike should have come from the factory.

  5. Steven

    The installation was easy!

  6. Garrett

    I bought a race modified CRF450R. Being new to such a powerful dirt bike. I needed something that would calm the initial throttle response while in tight technical terrain. Throttle helped greatly and I enjoy riding the bike allot more now.

  7. bernard

    Excellent product, I installed this throttle handle on my Honda CRF300L, progressivity and fluidity is much better.
    Excellent produit, j’ai installé cette poignée d’accélérateur sur ma Honda CRF300L, la progressivité et la fluidité est bien meilleure.

  8. Kris Provence

    Best mod I did to the bike. Throttle is extremely smooth now.

  9. Paul

    Great product.

  10. Daniel

    Fits great and fixes stock issues

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You might need grips with your new G2 Throttle.

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