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Quick Turn Pro Throttle Build Kit for Gas Gas 50 & 65

Crank that Gas Gas 50 & 65! Quick throttle response – less elbow drop – decreased rotation required to reach full throttle!

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Required for interchanging of cams. Stock Cable & Domino Housing included.
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G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Gas Gas 50 & 65

G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Gas Gas 50 & 65 consists of the ultra-smooth G2 tube with Delrin inserts fitted with the quick turn throttle cam (or “pulley”) of your choice that is larger (QUICKER) than stock. This translates into far less “twist” necessary to reach wide open than the stock throttle. Also included is a Domino throttle housing that provides essential inner clearance for the oversized quick turn cam.

Increasing the size of the throttle cam will affect your Gas Gas 50 or 65 in several ways. First, your bike’s power characteristics will seem “quicker”, or far more responsive – as you turn the throttle, your bike will rev faster than before. Secondly, less overall rotation is required to reach full throttle. This is a huge benefit to riders with limited wrist mobility. In addition, this system requires less rotation allowing you to more easily maintain a proper riding position with less elbow drop as you crank the throttle.

The G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Gas Gas 50 & 65 includes a proprietary 7×7 stainless steel wire braid with a Teflon coating. This strong, coated inner cable glides effortlessly in a slick HDPE inner sheath. The next layer is a high-carbon steel winding to provide just the right amount of stiffness to maintain shape. To keep the cable looking new, the outside is protected with a black PVC outer cover. The cable is longer than stock to work with higher handlebars!

G2 Quick Turn Throttle for Gas Gas 50 & 65 Highlights

  • Quick Turn throttle tube & cam machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA.
  • Housing manufactured by Domino Racing of Italy.
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Included cam is removable and can be replaced with alternate cams (sold separately) to fine tune control.
  • Includes G2 low friction conversion throttle cable. Longer length for high handlebars!
  • Slide one of our Domino Grips (sold separately) or your grip unto the Quick Turn Throttle System’s tube.
  • Removable end cap eliminates the need to cut the end of the throttle tube when using dirt bike handguards
  • Installs in minutes!

140 reviews for Quick Turn Pro Throttle Build Kit for Gas Gas 50 & 65

  1. Jeffrey S. (verified owner)

    Personal touch all the way

  2. Hunter K.

    This throttle is awesome for the 50cc bikes and kids who have a hard time getting full twist pf the throttle. Helps get in the powerband quicker. Great buy, the Jimmy twister addition makes for a super smooth throttle action too.

  3. Rod

    The G2 throttle tamer is real help to achieve grip in slippy technical going, this has been my first mod on all my 2 strokes, now on a 2019 EC300 Ranger

  4. mike Osborne

    The single best upgrade you can do for a dirt bike.

  5. Rob R.

    Still evaluating. Build quality is very nice. So far on technical terrain trail ride, did not notice any difference at first and bike was just a snappy as ever. Adjusted free play cable(s) balance to where I could start feeling it calm (“tame”) the throttle response. Few minutes later throttle starting hanging up and response fell way off. Carefully rode back to the truck. After removing Throttle Tamer, observed rubbing on the throttle body and some minor abrasion on the cable slot (almost as though cable came out of channel). Returned to stock tube for now and may retest at a later date. Photographs reflect tube abrasion and binding points.

  6. Chris Nicola

    The G2 throttle tammer was the missing link in my bike setup. Now it’s a lug monster.

  7. Stephen H.

    Throttle tamer works as advertised. A life saver. Literally!

  8. Lorenz Winkel

    Very Good!

  9. Randall Johnson

    It is so smooth and the removable end cap is great as i run full wrap bark busters.

  10. Paul

    The bike was a lot to handle before adding this mod. I feel comfortable with this and may change cams if and when I get better.

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