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Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki

World’s first “build your own” throttle system!

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Required to allow for interchangeability of cams.
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Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki

BUILD YOUR OWN Throttle or Throttle Cam System with cams specific to what YOU need for your Honda! Experienced riders know that as track or trail conditions change, so does the level of throttle control difficulty to put power to the ground. Need a quick cam for the sand? How about a control cam for that hard clay track? Why not get a stock ratio cam so you can always return to that OEM feel? The G2 Throttle Cam System Builder allows YOU to buy as few or as many of our available cam ratios as you wish!

The G2 Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki offers different cam selections depending on the model. For most Honda models, the quick and stock options are circular cams, while the control, or “Tamer”, cams have a progressive shape. This “progressive” (non-circular) ratio between throttle grip rotation and power delivery can give you a huge improvement in control! As the power is rolled on, you will find it far easier to modulate dirt traction. The cam size increases, or ramps up, after ½ throttle to keep overall rotation near stock rotation. Whether your goals are faster cornering, less wheelspin, quicker response or more finesse on those goat trails, the G2 Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki allows YOU to choose the best cam ratios for YOUR riding and/or racing!


QUICK – for most riders seeking a quick action throttle, a 10% increase is recommended. 20% or greater increases may be beneficial to expert riders on 250F or 125 two strokes, or for those with limited wrist mobility.

CONTROL – this gets tricky! For most riders, our 20% reduced cams (marked 400 typically) work best. However, this may differ based on motorcycle power characteristics, track conditions and most importantly, the rider’s level of throttle control prowess.

MOTO – Most of our pro motocross riders use 10% quicker (050 cam typically) for 250F and stock for 450. However, in slippery conditions they often drop the 250F to stock or the 10% reduced (200 cam typically), and the 450F to 10-15% reduced (200-300 cam typically). A great moto combo to start is the 050, 100 & 200.

GNCC / ENDURO – In normal conditions, most XC1 racers use stock or 10% reduced (200 cam typically) while most XC2 racers use 10% quicker or stock. XC3 racers use our 2 Stroke Quick Turn System (20% quicker). When things get muddy, rooty and rocky, these guys are all over the board utilizing many cam ratios. Here are the most popular cam ratios used by the pros in nasty conditions:
XC1 15% reduced (300 cam)
XC2 10% reduced (200 cam)
XC3 Stock (100 cam)

TRAIL / AMATUER OFF-ROAD – For most riders we recommend the 20% reduced cam (400 cam typically). For those in sandy areas or the desert, the 10-15% (200-300 cam typically) reduced cams may be better. The key for those of us who don’t train 5 days a week is to choose the cam that works best toward the end of the ride or race when exhaustion affects your throttle coordination! The 100, 300 & 400 are a great combo to start!

The G2 Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki is based around the unique G2 proprietary interlock design. This allows interchangeability between the throttle tube and several cam ratio options for most models. The G2 throttle tube has Delrin self-lubricating bushings pressed into each end. These bushings eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and galling which is common on many aluminum throttle tubes. Best of all, they provide a “buttery smooth” feel comparable to a ball bearing throttle (but without the ball bearing maintenance)! For the ultimate in friction free throttle feel, add on our Jimmy Twister bearing system (does not work with wrap around style handguards). The tube has a knurled area allowing solid grip adhesion. Just install a high-quality Domino Racing Grip (or any other “non-lock-on” dirt bike brand) and you’re good to go!

Using full wrap handguards? No problem with the G2 Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki! The end cap is removeable and allows easy handguard installation.

G2 Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki FEATURES

  • Machined from 6061 aluminum in the USA!
  • Self-lubricating Delrin bushings at each end of tube eliminate aluminum-to-aluminum contact and provide an ultra-smooth feel.
  • Multiple cams available -quicker, stock or more control – YOU decide!
  • Fits inside the stock throttle housing to stock cables – simple installation!
  • Slide one of our Domino Racing grips (sold separately) or your grip onto the included throttle tube.
  • Removable end cap eliminates the need to cut the end of the throttle tube when using dirt bike handguards.
  • Installs in minutes!

146 reviews for Throttle Cam System Builder for Kawasaki

  1. Tom Jarels

    Very nice product the machine work is clean and fits perfectly and great adjustability with the different cams really noticeable on my 450. I’m going to buy one for my 250 next

  2. Andrew C.

    Machined well. Way better than stock.

  3. Josh H.

    DEFINITELY worth the $$!! Makes twisting the throttle open much easier for the little guys!

  4. Dean Lampron

    Awesome product! Feels amazing strong and much better throttle response! Every bike will have one from now on

  5. Anonymous

    The throttle pull was shortened and smooth.

  6. David helm

    Definitely make s a 450 rideable in any terrain and the throttle slide is so smooth

  7. Jeff S.

    Awesome product, love how snappy and fast the bike reacts. And you don’t have to move your wrist as far as normal to reach wide open throttle!
    For me, my only complaint is I have fallen before and the removable end cap has been ripped off and lost right there on the track. This only has happened when the grip was damaged in a fall.
    But still a big fan and will purchase more in future!

  8. michael chaplain

    Easy installation. Quick response.

  9. Chris P.

    I absolutely love my quick turn throttle for my klx110. It puts my arm in a much more natural position at full throttle and allows me to ride for longer. I also love how smooth the throttle action is. It’s worth every penny.

  10. James Heywood

    It tamed the “beast”

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